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What's This?

This is a fun science experiment for kids with salt and ice & helps with motor skills.
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Behind the Scenes Video:

This is a good science experiment for kids. It’s the salt and ice science experiment, where you freeze a sheet of ice and put salt on it to make the ice crack and then drop colored water on the ice so that the caverns and rivers are revealed! Give them different items to use to get the water onto the ice to help develop motor skills.

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goldenretriever 878 says:

when u put salt and ice on your skin it hurts/ feels like its burning

Carlos Gomez says:

Awwwww! She’s so cute!


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aariz khan says:

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Evelia Vazquez says:

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gaby posada says:

that´s amagazing . for kids

Evelia Vazquez says:

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Ghost Girl Ema says:

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Jazzy Cuad says:

The baby so cute

gordon watton says:

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How To Sean says:


Lane Vid says:

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abel perez says:

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Brie kolkoski says:

thats what happens to your skin when u do the salt and ice challenge so DO
NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pandora Lewis says:

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ThePixelGamer says:

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HaiiItsHannahh says:

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7227 Rainbowloom says:

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Soccertz1 says:

All good except it would have been better if someone else taped it lol.
Having the camera on the kid was hard to see the “experiment” thanks for
sharing though. :)

Alli J says:

Emilia was not her self today :( 

Leah Frieday says:

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Stacy Genzler says:

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Dennis Coventry says:

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Jasmyn Major says:

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Marlon Perez says:

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monica martinez says:

At 1:21 I thought she said “oh sh!t”

LaneVids says:

Another science experiment that Amelia had fun partaking in!!!

SushiNation2002 says:

Congrats at 50k

KATZ LPS says:

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Vanessa Mendoza says:

What if the boat sinks

Jazmen Carter says:

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Hamstercolours 247 says:

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leah boshell says:

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Brenda Noland says:

Ice makes it colder

Izaiah isaac says:

Didnt put enough salt

Nicole Navarro says:

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Jenna Dee says:

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Vanessa Mendoza says:

What if the wind is too strong

Madison Hutchison says:

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Cassidy Merlin says:

Amazing and really smart ! 

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