Science Fiction Theatre 33 Before The Beginning

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What's This?

Hosted by Truman Bradley, a 1940s film actor and former war correspondent, each episode introduced stories which had an extrapolated scientific, or pseudo-scientific emphasis based on actual scientific data available in the 1950s. Typically, the story lines related to the life or work of scientists, engineers, inventors and explorers. The program concentrated on such concepts as space flight, robots, telepathy, flying saucers, time travel, and the intervention of extraterrestrials in human affairs.

Airing a total of 78 25–26 min. episodes, the series was also known as Beyond the Limits in second run syndication during the 1960s and alternatively as Science Fiction Theater.

Opposite to what happened in the 1960s, the first season was filmed in color, but to cut costs the second season was in black & white. The producers had originally thought that color TV would progress faster than it did.

Science Fiction Theatre was a forerunner of similar shows, such as The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits.

The show is probably best known to modern audiences, for having been prominently referenced in the movie Back to the Future (1985), as George McFly’s favorite television program.

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Gelezinis Vilkas says:

Isn’t science wonderful. Now she can go home and bake pineapple upside down
cake and polish furniture as God intended.

poolplayer999 says:

That device should have been used on Padme since she also lost the will to
live in The Phantom menace lol

Hilary C says:

How irritating that they treat the woman like a brainless fool who can’t
handle the news about her own health. Stupid show, stupid era.

VapinMazo says:

Here is a bit of trivia about this episode.

Background : A laboratory apparatus is shown and described, by the male
lead, as essentially an electrostatic accelerator. A source to generate
what is to be accelerated, in this episode photons and then accelerates
them and then dumps them into a target, the cloud chamber and the result

Part of the trivia is, you can not accelerate a photon. Doing that would
change the speed of a photon and the speed of a photon is the basis for the
definition of “Speed of Light” ergo, you can’t change the speed of light
and more so since it has no charge, it can not be accelerated anyway. No
charge = no acceleration.

One can also not accelerate a neutron because it also is as its name
implies “neutral” or without charge.

But, you can accelerate an electron or what was originally intended in the
episode to and so more apropos to the trivia, protons.

The “R” in “Protons” was replaced by an “H” to become “Photons”.

Bonus points for anyone who knows whether it was a mistake in the actors’
dialogue or, in the script. ;-)

soslothful says:

True absolute zero is the amount of interest this show contains.

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