Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie’s Science Experiment

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What's This?

Bert and Ernie are doing a science experiment. Bert is going to jump up and down and Ernie is going to observe! Do you know how to do an experiment?

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emma land says:

Bert reminds me so much of Squidward

1 million subscribers and no videos says:

i hate this show its for losers

Fazar Syukri Nugroho says:

they're the best, even in HD

georgef551 says:

Sharp, colorful, clear audio, HD……
Seems so wrong.
(Tell I'm old?)

antsamthompson9 says:

Finally! The first Ernie and Bert sketch since 2012. I really want more to come, especially since Ernie has a new performer.

Theboxofme says:

Great to hear Steve's Ernie again 😊

MarshalGrover says:

Haven't seen this in English! I'll never understand why they've been sitting on all these unaired E&B sketches and insist on playing the same celebrity/spoof segments over and over instead.

glowworm2 says:

"I observe that Bert's arms are flopping up and down like a chicken." XD!

MrMetalmanRock says:

Keep these Ernie and Bert videos comin'!

Emerald Nightshadow says:

i should start calling him unibert

Sean “kermit t. dinofrog” Horace says:

When was this recorded? Because this looks like Steve Whitmire was performing Ernie in this scene?

C.W. Roederer says:


Azizal Hanafi says:

I love science!!

수현, with앵무들 says:

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I finnish my english acardemy and I study eng myselfe.
At first time i studyed eng use by meetiyoung. I saw your channel video in the program and can meet your channel, I suscribe your channel .
Thanks you for study eng eaeser.

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