she just watched… – Leopardstar: Warrior Cats Speedpaint/Theory

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What's This?

The scene my sister Rachel is going to be drawing today is of Leopardstar’s reaction to her deputy Stonefur being brutally murdered by Darkstripe and Blackfoot on the bone hill.

What has the world come to? Bluestar’s son was just killed! Because he wouldn’t kill Graystripe’s kits! And it was Darkstripe and Blackfoot who killed him, and Tigerstar is right there! And what the heck! Leopardstar is just sitting there not doing anything. Her deputy is being killed! She trusted him! Why isn’t she doing anything to stop this? Why does she reluctantly join in the cheering? Leopardstarrrr!!!

Well, it’s said that Leopardstar didn’t do anything because she was afraid of what would happen if she spoke out. What Tigerstar would think, what RiverClan would think. So it was basically her own pride and fear. Peer pressure man. If you’re ever in a situation where there’s a bone hill – uhhh just grab your friends and run. Don’t look back. Just keep running.

I’d love to hear in the comments section down below why you think Leopardstar chose to team up with Tigerstar even though he was obviously very evil. He killed her deputy! And THE BRO of her future deputy Mistyfoot – BRO! I don’t know how Mistyfoot ever forgave Leopardstar for that. Do you?

Let me know, down below!

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Rare Ghazt says:

"Leopardstar?! What?! WHAT?! WHAAAAAT?! "


Because she loved tigerstar

RabbitzRule says:

Two things: 1. Stonefur kinda looks like a dog. 2. GEEZ THE SHADING IN THIS IS SO GOOD.

Erin says:

Are you gonna do tigerstar?

Twichykitty Of Heavan's Wheel says:

Leopardstar joined with Tigerstar because she loved him. 😛

Jannie the wolfox :3 says:

She loved Tigerstar. TIGERSTAR! of all cats!!

CupCakeLizzie Shadow says:


Choco's Artstudio says:

It's a theory that she loved Tigerstar

Snowtail_YT_Warriors says:

I commented here on my other account,

ღFawndappleღ says:

Leopardstar was hoping to become mates with Tigerstar. That's why she teamed up with him.

Rainbow Entertainment says:

Rip headphone users ☠️

She was in love with tigerstar

LpsMoon TV says:

Leopardstar liked Tigerstar

Silverwolff _ says:

Comment your Warrior cats OC! 😀

Mines is Silverstripe
Longhaired white tom with bright yellow eyes, and a darker gray stripe going from nose to tail, and silver socks and tipped tail.

Born in Thunderclan but was never accepted as a full member of Thunderclan by his mother and clanmates, So left Thunderclan as an early apprenice and was taken into Windclan after not eating of drinking for days.

Thanks for you attention :)

Evie Fenter says:

I think she was probably in shock and when she was out of shock she just thought to do what the other cats were doing.

MimiTheStar 13 says:

Mistystar forgave Leopardstar for letting her brother die just before Leopardstar died. Novel Mistystar's Omen

Nala Kega says:

Its said that lepoardstar thought that tigerstar once he won the forest would make her his mate

Tabby the Evil Kitten says:

Leopardstar joined Tigerstar because she loved him and thought it would make her clan stronger.

Prettykitty 17 says:

I think Leopardstar joined Tigerstar because she was afraid of what was going to happen to her clan if she denied

Brick LPS says:

I love this, but Blackfoot killed Stonefur. You drew Tigerstar's paw/claw gross things.

ALSOOOOOOO I think she cheered in with TigerClan because she didn't want to get hurt, or even loose a life in that matter. And she also wanted to be mates with Tigerstar so they would be strong and she didnt want to ruin the chances.

Synctions says:

What number you are is what clan/group you are in
0. Thunderclan
1. Shadowclan
2. Windclan
3. Riverclan
4. Starclan
5. Dark forest
6. Rouges
7. Loners
8. Kittypets
9. Your own clan

Olivia Fooks says:

did u know that leopardstar had a chrush on tigerstar!!!❤❤❤

lps sweet treats says:

Lepordstar is clearly NOT loyal to her clan, if I was able I would have band her from the clan for this but I can't because I'm not in the books.

hicoro gamer says:

amazing drawing!

Meowmeowcraft Aj, Roblox, and Minecraft says:

it was beacuse she had a crush on tigerstar

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