Show Clips: CATS starring Leona Lewis

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Ryan Rafuse says:

Wow, just wow! I so hope to see the revival!

Nicholi Nazare says:

Thank you for bringing this brilliant production back to New York the greatest city in the world, and for staying true to the original production.

bunny says:

Isn't the role Leona's playing (Grizabella?) supposed to be an old cat? She doesn't seem to fit the role… She's supposed to look like an old, shabby cat and she doesn't, and her voice sounds very young… 🙁 I love Leona but this is not the right role for her

Karsty12 says:

I absolutely HATE Cats, but have always loved "Memory" and Leona's version gave me chills

Ellen Frantz says:

Omg Leona's Memory I'm dead bye


And do I get a giant mop


Holy crap they were all doing Ala second turns

poopplushado says:

I'm working my ass off at my minimum wage job so that hopefully I'll have enough money to see it in January :)

Ella K. says:

Omg it looks so good! Want to see it so bad😫😫😫

Leanne Haddock says:


Sadie VistaView says:

So glad it had a revival!

Abby on Pointe says:

CHILLs! This made my life!

pangzed8448 says:

Why can't we have her as a cast in west end

Ahmet R YILDIRIM says:

New Macavity looks amazing! (And less like Darth Maul)

Charlotte Samson says:

I really wan to see this but a) im in canada and b) I don't have the money. There are so many shows that I wish to see but i cant

newxromantic says:

Don't get me wrong, Leona's voice is AMAZING!!! But I feel her voice is too pop-like for Stage. And I don't know if she can act either. Like I said, she is a great singer, but not a fan of her version of Memory

Sarah Nowik says:

1:22 can we just look at Tugger's face in this clip

Alexis Ellis-Alvarez says:

Wait did they reinvent anything of this show? It looks exactly like the vhs video of the show; from the sets to the choreography and the costumes. Yes Leona Lewis looks like she's going to do great as Grizzabella, but I would think that they'd make the show at least a bit new instead of a carbon copy of the old one.

Monica Divino says:

Wow Leona gives justice to Memory 💕

josie offutt says:

This is so crazy. Growing up watching the dvd of Cats with my friends, I didn't know the actors and dancers. They were always so mysterious, playing cats onstage. But now I know a lot of these performers, even seen some of them in previous shows. Cats has such a new meaning for me now.

Cece Holt says:

I'm so excited to see this show!

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