Spirit Science ~ Crystal Finale (4/4)

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What's This?

Welcome to the final episode about crystals! This weeks lesson is split into 2 parts! First, we discuss Orgonite and Tower busting, Orgonite is pretty awesome and you can do a lot of good by moving it around! Then, we thought it would be beneficial to talk about what else we can do with crystals, as it seems very important to start moving them around right now. Crystals are very powerful, and they will have a massive influence on our evolution and growth if we put our energy into bringing these high frequencies into our lives!

Written and Compiled by Jordan
Starring Patchman, The Atlantis king and LionPatch

Spirit Science Guide to Crystals! – http://www.mediafire.com/?d71xzb2zq5mzrc0


Trey’s article about orgonite – www.tinyurl.com/7wpqf29

Music –
Inspiration by Tilkanauts
Fragile State – Panacea
It’s not what you think – Fainted Paces

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Papd Adsfd says:

message to those who want to know the truth on this shit. spirit science
tends to speculate, and draw conclusions that arent 100% objective, so the
conclusions he makes loses credibility and meaning. this isnt really
“science” this is some incredibly naive dude who has the mental power of a
15 year old idealistic highshcooler posting videos on spirituality while
using confirmation bias as a means to justify and promote his agenda. i see
a lot of wishful thinking, fashionable prhases and hopes, and almost 0%
science or complete objectivity. this video would be totally fine if
titled:”spiritual philosophy” or “new age shit” or something other than
“spirit SCIENCE”, especially when there is no science. lol.

Josh Krause says:

Food for thought how are modern houses assembled? Correct me if I’m wrong
but a normal woodframe house is layers of organic and inorganic material.
So then technically our houses collect orgone energy both positive and
negative. It has been shown that electricity and phone towers release
negative orgone energy, and it has also been shown to not use regular
Orgone devices near sources of negative orgone energy….

LPS ninja Chick productions says:

Check out this video on YouTube:)

Viktor Feso Vel says:

Hello everyone. I want to share some ideas with you. How many of you are
familiar with Crystals ? Being and empath indigo myself I find this things
to be much bigger that most people think. They can help in any way as you
would let them to :) There are a lot of resources on the internet about
subject like this so I share this video with you. The subject is very broad
and vast and there is a lot to learn. Anyway feel free to ask me any
questions I would be happy to answer from my personal experience and things
that I have learned. Namaste <3 #crystals #spirituality #indigo 

AmazingSpiderMan2 says:

I love my amethyst and rose quartz crystals they keep me calm and can
answer any yes or no question my friends ask and get it right

rainknight89 says:

Much love

fattybabe1 says:

Reich was done for fraud ! 

Silver Hawk says:

where can i buycrystals for like two pounds or similar cause i can’t spent
that much for a crystal (i’m not allowed)

Lyrikal Dutchess says:

I did find this stuff slightly interesting but I’m afraid this video has
made me unsubscribe. 

fuckyou1458 says:

I will never understand the outlook some narrow minded people have on how
their opinion should ride over everybody else’s. These videos were made for
people wanting to further explore different parts of spirituality. If
that’s not for you that’s fine, move along. The irony of calling somebody
stupid for believing/researching something yet you’re here on the video
spending time and energy and you think its rubbish… 

Mikael Murstam says:

Where do you get this shit from? This is the very definition of

Amethyst Midnight says:

I love giving crystals out to friends!

Miguel Navarro says:

Mr.Pearce you appear to have forgotten Kryptonite, which as you surely know
has been proved time and time again to effectively debilitate the powers of
Superman and enhance Lex Luthor’s third Chakra eye, it’s very powerful,
giving a person who gets near it special talents or turning him into a
freak, depending on the allignment of the crystal’s frequency and that of
the person in question. Please do include Kryptonite in your list!!

P Carvajal says:

omg where can I get those super cute necklaces at 8:23!? (I looked into the
sites but had a hard time finding them…)

sheparddog117 says:

who is that cat looking furry i see in your videos every once in a while?

robert Insenga says:

I would like to help in this movement.
We need to invest in love as a species.

Stevie Micah Saunders says:

Amazing series! Thank you so much for making these videos!

White Light says:

I was drawn to watch it again the next day. Very good again. Even more
enjoyable than the first time. Thank you.


Mike Kloppel says:

Crystals do not move or have conciousness, you god damn fucking morons.

I seriously hope these crystals cause mental illness, I don’t want to have
to believe you people could be so absolutely retarded without some sort of
outside influence.

MrMarvJones says:

To those who have commented already…what are you trying to accomplish
with your hate? What will you gain by discrediting a belief that makes one
feel happy in their life? Nothing. I wish you all well.

1daly says:

Everything I learn from these videos are very mind altering. Thanks for
sharing the knowledge, and expanding my curiosity..

I don’t always carry my stones around, but one day I happend to grab a few
before heading out for the day. I was visiting with a friend who going
through a tough time… the stones knew she needed them.. I could feel
their energy, Instantly i knew I had to give them to her… it was quite an
exquisite experience.

Just wanted to share for those “non-believers”. ;)

James Hunter says:

torsion fields have been dis-proven, time and again. The paper you quoted
to back the proof that orgone energy heals basically said, “this causes the
same reaction that placebos cause “

keegan fitzgerald says:

why does the video start with an Egyptian eye? illuminati?

Shawn Wilson says:

I make medicine wheels with my crystals and stones

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