StarClan is WEAK | Warrior Cats LoT #1

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What's This?

Is StarClan really all that powerful?

The following video is the first of a new series, titled Legends of TreeClan. This series includes Warrior Cat analysis accompanied by an overarching story! Watch Gladepaw grow as a character with each analysis (He might even get a warrior name eventually). Expect more characters in future episodes. All of the drawings used in this series will be mine.

Also, if you want to know more about the Legends of TreeClan series, feel free to ask.

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Wolva Maybe says:

Most of my cats believe in StarClan, however the one I love the most, Luna, is wavering. Why? Because they did nothing to help her. Nothing. She allowed everything she loved to be shattered and did nothing. They helped everyone but her, that is why she doesn't believe in StarClan.

Lynelle Ehart says:

Bush clan, my clan believes you go to starclan, But they don't believe that they make everything happen. They believe everything just happens.

Bone The Rouge says:

we should do a collab

HellCat0w0 says:

This stupid apprentice can't say anything at all. Your just an apprentice.

WaterLeaf Animations says:

Wow…Shadow clan has shadow In it so it MUST be evil

olivia wooldridge says:

XD, respet ur elders everyone, NOPE

Kyia Hill says:


AnuraAura says:

Which is why Starclan loses to the Dark Forest in my fanfiction.
You points were well articulated, but your voice acting is a little… meh. Maybe next time you could change the pitch of the voice artificially so that it sounds different between characters (assuming those are separate characters).
Hope to see more soon! :3

Ashwillow says:

Starclan solely exists so that the cats may have a supernatural influence as well as guidance its not Starclan's fault if something doesn't work out, they cannot change cat's thoughts, words, or actions, they can only influence . However, I believe you are right, they need to COMMUNICATE. Starclan lets cats follow their own path, they have to find it on their own with only some help, Starclan works through nature

Ashwillow says:

Hi, what do you use to make your videos?

Mellowyellow 346 says:

When you were talking about accepting te code my friends NOPE I AIN'T DIEING

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