STRANGE Things That Science Can’t Explain

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What's This?

Here are ten examples of some of the most bizarre enigmas currently frustrating scientists, archaeologists, and religious scholars alike.

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3 – The Baigong Pipes
These strange pipes were first discovered by a group of scientists from the United States who were searching for dinosaur fossils. Yet these strange formations from the caves of the White Mountains in China didn’t make international attention until a few years later when in 2002 Quin Jianwen, a local official, had the idea to turn this ancient mystery into a tourist attraction. That is, until he learned that this area of China is impossible for human beings to survive for long durations, as this place has been tested be highly radioactive. That year, Chinese scientists descended on the place and began using atomic emission spectroscopy to determine these pipe’s origins and compositions. The rusted tubes range from needle-size to 16 inches in diameter, reaching from deep inside the mountain to a saltwater lake around 260 feet away. Many of the hollow pipes appear to be of a size to easily fit a human being, making some speculate that perhaps these pipes were some ancient form of transportation or sewage system. The pips are composed of 92 percent common minerals and metals, while eight percent are from unexplained unknown materials. The pipes contain organic plant material and microscopic tree rings, making others insist they must have formed naturally. Local legend tells that this place was an ancient extraterrestrial laboratory or possibly some form of spaceport.

2 – The Bloop
In 1997 an ultra-low frequency, yet extremely powerful sound was detected underwater by the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This mysterious sound wave from deep beneath the ocean waves was so loud that it was picked up by two separate microphones 3,000 miles apart. The source was roughly triangulated to 50 degrees South and 100 degrees West, a remote area located in the South Pacific Ocean just west of the southern tip of South America. The sound was detected several times by the Equatorial Pacific Ocean autonomous hydrophone array, which was originally built to detect Soviet submarines. The frequency only lasted for around one minute each time it was heard, and since then has never been recorded again. Many at the time believed this enormous sound effect must have originated from some sort of massive underwater creature. Fans of HP Lovecraft speculated that perhaps this enormous sound had come from Cthulhu, a giant underwater octopus-dragon which entered our world through a hole in the ocean, which came straight out of the gates of Hell. In 2012, the NOAA decided that this sound, dubbed the bloop, must have come from underwater icequakes, similar to icequake signals recorded off the coast of Antarctica. But all of these explanations are still considered theories as no one knows for certain. Especially since this bizarre sound effect has never been heard again since it’s 1997 discovery.

1 – The Devil’s Bible
The largest known ancient manuscript is the Codex Gigas, but most who know of this aged tome refer to it as the Devil’s Bible, due to a gigantic full-page illustration of the Devil himself, as well as the legends which tell of its potentially demonic origins. It takes two people to lift this massive book, it’s weight comes from its binding which consists of wooden boards covered with thick leather, ornate metal guards and fittings as well as the 310 leaves of vellum parchment made from 160 animal skins. Some of these 310 pages have gone missing. Where the ripped leaves are, or what was written within them, remains one of the most curious of mysteries with this medieval illuminated manuscript. Researchers theorise that this tome of knowledge came into being around the early 13th century, in the Benedictine monastery of what is now the Czech Republic. The first pages are written in two Hebrew alphabets, but most is composed in Latin. The yellowed pages contain the complete Vulgate Bible, other spiritual readings, the chronicle of Cosmas of Prague, medical works, two books by Constantine the African, prayers, and even a few spells and magical charms. The story goes, that a monk in the Middle Ages broke his monastic vows and was sentenced to be walled up alive, as they closed him in, the monk offered a deal, if he could write a book in one night’s time which would glorify the monastery forever, and include all human knowledge, they would let him go. His capturers agreed, but around midnight the monk feared the worst and so, he offered up his soul in a pact with the fallen angel Lucifer, so that he could finish the book and have his life spared. The Devil then completed the manuscript in his own hand and painted a picture of himself as a signature.

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Seem to have Forgotten my name says:

Bloop = ice shelf cracking.

Laura Klaine says:

Why did you say "Jesus 'alleged' resurrection"? You really should have said "Jesus' resurrection" instead.

Susan McCarthy says:

I thought Jesus was crucified when he was 28 (I am not really religious so pardon me if I have that wrong) the face on that cloth looked to be about 98 or 498 if you go by the ages in the bible.

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Those squared holes are normally used to let themselves get filled with water so scientist can analyse the water of the area it has been built

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« 2:57 » woow!! they finally found Primitive Technology!!

Jose Diola says:

cows just probably avoid direct contact with sunlight.. Can satellite observe cows at night? nope

William Parks says:

the reason cows face North and South is because the sun moves east to west

Kevin Siebert says:

And don't let them fool you, man is no monkey..when people believe that lie it is not a wonder that they act so.Things are similar to animals but this doesn't mean that we have the same ancestors.

Kevin Siebert says:

Science can't explain Everything and until the end of the Earth it will not.It can proof many things,but most things the common sense already knows.Science is a part of the religion of the freemasons and in fact,many things of it are not really important but these things that helps beeings that live on earth to be healthy.

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