We’ve all seen the traditional agility training, usually reserved for collies or shepherds. The canine competitions are set up in big arenas with stadium seating, where spectators can politely watch from the sidelines. Shiny awards are given to the fastest, most accurate pups, and they get their picture taken with their well-groomed coats and brand-new trophies. Dogs are very athletic animals, capable of learning super-impressive tricks, but you hardly see such dexterity outside of the agility course. Unless we’re talking about TreT, an American Staffordshire terrier. He’s taken agility training to a whole new level, pushing the boundaries in urban [More]
The brain teaser is going to present you with a few simple things, like words and colors — things we thought we’d mastered back in kindergarten. All you have to do is name the colors of the words as they pop up onto the screen. Easy, right? Well, not necessarily. There’s a twist in here that will really put your mind to the test. How strong is your brain? If you didn’t do so well the first time, take a minute to focus and try again! Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/mental-abilites/