For most people, the first sign of a headache means a trip to the medicine cabinet to fetch some Tylenol or Advil. But what if you could stop the annoying ache without any drugs? Sure, you can debilitate an attacker with a well-placed finger on the neck — it’s called pressure point fighting — but those little trigger spots all over your body can actually be used to knock a headache out, too. All it takes is a few minutes. The best part is that you can do this to yourself! I may just throw or give away all of [More]
I have a confession to make: up until about a year ago, I’d never had cheesecake. I just didn’t think any dessert could taste good with something that, in my opinion, should only go on bagels. But boy was I wrong. Now, I don’t make cheesecake often…or, well, ever. It’s partially because making one takes time — and there’s no chocolate in the sweet treat. So there’s that. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); But thanks to this easy recipe, I can solve for both of those problems. If you love mini desserts with chocolate, here’s how to make these: Ingredients: 1 [More]
While I can’t remember what it felt like when I’d finally learned the entire alphabet, I imagine inside I was doing a little dance. But Violet Ogea apparently doesn’t really like to keep any of her joy or pride bottled up. The two-year-old is from Louisiana and loves to sing more than anything else. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); When you watch how passionately she belts out her ABCs, you’ll understand just how true that statement really is. Bravo, bravo! Transcendent. Inspirational! If you’d like to watch this little rockstar-in-the-making grow up, you can follow her on Facebook or check out [More]
My dog doesn’t really get the concept of fetching something. She’s great at running after things…sometimes she even picks them up! But ask her to bring said item back to you and you’re bound to be waiting there for a good, long while. Then again, maybe I’ve been going at the whole retrieval process wrong. Perhaps what I’ve been asking her to fetch just isn’t exciting enough. A ball is okay, a Frisbee is better, but a tasty crustacean? Now we’re talking! Watch how this dog dad gets his adorably smart pooch to dive into the ocean and snatch up [More]
As the youngest of three, I always wanted to be just like my two older brothers. Unfortunately, though, no matter how hard I tried, there was no way I was going to be able to run as fast as them or play baseball like them when my legs were so much shorter and my arms were still so skinny I could barely hold the bat. But that didn’t stop me from thinking I was just as accomplished! When his big sister takes a turn on the hula hoop, this little boy jumps in for a go, himself. It doesn’t matter [More]
Sadly, many people see a feral, aggressive dog and immediately want to put them down. With nearly 4 million pups entering shelters every year, it’s hard to think about all those pets who aren’t given a second chance like Billie Jean was. When No Kill Kern got a notice about this poor girl, she was terrified and aggressive towards humans. But after just a few days of working with trainers, Billie Jean’s true colors began to shine. But her story didn’t end there — watch to find out what they discovered when she took a trip to the vet! Thank [More]
It’s no wonder our energy bills skyrocket during the winter. We’re inside more, which means we’re cranking the thermostat way up. While you could sacrifice your comfort to save some money, who wants to be dressed in layers of sweaters and coats when you’re inside? Not us! In an effort to avoid this, one man shares his money-saving secret for winter heating. All you need is some window tint! That’s right. Tint your home windows. YouTube / Gila Window Film It seems simple, but using window film can regulate heat like a boss. While it almost seems too good to [More]
When I think of cinder blocks, I think of construction projects, building zones, and all-around ugly things. But just like concrete, these bulky things can become beautiful if you use your imagination. (Paint helps, too.) Watch as YouTuber SuzelleDIY teaches us how to get a gorgeous outdoor bench that doubles as a planter with just some cinder blocks, spray paint, glue, and flowers! Anyone can do this — it’s so easy! Read more:
Our pets are so wise when it comes to matters of treats, belly rubs, and trips to the park. But ask them to explain complex matters like memory foam or lemons and you’ll probably be met with baffled silence. Take it from these confused pets…what you’re showing them is surely sorcery. 1. “Wait…what in the?” View post on 2. He’s so confused as to why these treats don’t taste like they normally do… View post on 3. Lemons ARE terrifying. View post on 4. Admittedly, this kind of is sorcery…from a galaxy far, far away. 5. “What [More]
Just the smell of chalk brings me back to afternoons on the playground drawing up four square courts and hopscotch games. But those days are long gone and I still have tons of chalk strewn around my home. If you’re in the same boat, here are just a few of the ways you can reuse the stuff. 1. Temporarily dye your hair…here’s how. 2. Ants and other bugs hate talcum powder, a key ingredient in chalk, so you can draw lines in parts of your home that are susceptible to insects. Tickled Mummy Club 3. If your keys aren’t going [More]