googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and just looking into this fox’s eyes says it all. The poor thing became entangled in a soccer net at a field in Solebury Township, New Jersey. Quick to the fox’s aid were the Solebury Township Police and Medic 146 teams. You can’t help but feel the fear and hopelessness the fox experienced as it sat helplessly wrapped up in the soccer net. That aside, the animal remained calm as rescuers set it free. These guys really are hometown heroes! Thank goodness someone notified the authorities. If [More]
When this Arabian horse named Aww-gee was rescued 33 years ago, his owner never thought he’d need saving again. He was starving to death when she found him as a baby, but after being brought back to life, he grew into the strong and beautiful horse he is today. You can imagine her surprise then when one day she left the gate open for him to go out and he not only slipped and fell on the ice, but couldn’t get up. Injured and freezing, it was only a matter of time before Aww-gee died of hypothermia. That is, until [More]
When rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited responded to a call regarding a trapped donkey in a septic tank, they couldn’t begin to imagine how the animal could have gotten himself into such a predicament. As they arrived, all they found was a small square hole about the size of a computer screen. Upon further inspection they found an adult donkey standing with legs locked, in total darkness, fending off water that was almost at chest level. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); After attempting to pick away at the cement, rescuers had to bring in a jackhammer to create a space wide [More]
Eric heard weird noises coming from a dumpster near his house. When he went to investigate them, he was surprised to find a family of raccoons in the dumpster digging around for food. He didn’t think much of the creatures and went about his day. However, when Eric later walked past the dumpster, he saw the raccoons struggling to get out. The walls were too high and smooth for them to climb up. To help the little guys out, Eric found a large piece of wood and placed it as a makeshift ramp. (Source: Eric Todd) By the looks of those chubby guys, [More]
Trying to catch a bird of prey is hard enough as it is, let alone when they are all panicked due to being stuck in a very large warehouse. Simon and Sean from the Wildlife Aid Foundation spent a couple of hours chasing a Sparrowhawk around a warehouse. Having dealt with similar situations before, Simon knew what he had to do. He attempted to corner the frightened bird so that Sean, who was waiting in a very precarious position, could capture it. Eventually the pair managed to capture the small bird of prey and set it free, but it was [More]
When this stray dog was found wandering the streets of Athens, Greece, she had such horrific mange that it was as if she was turning to rock. Her rescuers decided to call her Petra, meaning stone in Greek, and after months of love and care, she was transformed into a totally new dog. Petra’s journey from near death to full of life is nothing short of incredible. If I had been shown a picture of Petra before her rescue and one from now, I’d not have believed it was the same dog. What a mind-blowing transformation! Read more:
googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Depending on how you look at him, you could say that this adorable little dog walks like a human, like a T-Rex, or like a kangaroo. Crest, a precious rescue dog, was scheduled to be euthanized due to the fact that he had no mobility in his front legs. Luckily for the little guy, the amazing people at Vet Ranch took him in and gave him the surgery he so desperately needed. Now that he’s healing, they hope that Crest will be adopted into a loving home to get the affection he deserves. What a strong [More]
Our friends at Hope For Paws recently got a call about a small dog living in an industrial area. They were told the dog was covered in filth and was too scared to let anyone near him. When animal rescuers Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo arrived on the scene, they quickly secured the area so the pup couldn’t run into the street. As they got closer, they found out that this dog being scared of people was no joke. The terrified little guy ran around but eventually hid in a bush when he became too tired. You’ll want to see [More]
Sherri, the owner of West Coast Animal Rescue, had been overwhelmed with stress for a while. Her passion was finding a home for dogs in need, but her animal rescue had been struggling. So, she planned to throw a huge adoption event, in hopes of finding forever homes for the dogs that had been at her shelter for a while. At the beginning of this video, she thought she was being shut down before the event could even happen — then, she was rescued herself! If you’d like to help out West Coast Animal Rescue and adopt any dogs yourself, [More]
SPAZ, a Greek rescue organization, was alerted that a very sick stray dog was near Athens, Greece. The shepherd most likely was a sheep dog at one point, but now he was sick and struggling to survive on his own. It took a while to locate the dog once they arrived. When they saw him, their hearts broke. The dog was extremely fearful and refused to let the humans get close. Because of this, the rescuers had to lace food with tranquilizer. After an hour of tracking the dog, he finally laid down. Although he was still terrified, he didn’t [More]