googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); There’s not a bug spray on the planet that’ll make me feel safe from this thing. The world’s largest beetle, otherwise known as Dynastes hercules, is beyond creepy. Almost the size of a human fist, not only does it have a needle-like nose, but this sucker can fly. Should you come across one of these, we suggest that you run like the wind…unlike the person in this video. Sufficiently creeped out yet? Thought so. Everything is awful and life is full of pain! Read more:
If you’ve ever had a car-hating dog, you’ll identify with this video on a spiritual level. Harvey’s a great guy, but being in the car just isn’t his jam. When his humans try to lure him in, he does what any sensible dog would do and goes totally limp. The resulting footage is as hilarious as it is endearing, and if there’s anything that you just loathe doing, you’ll understand Harvey’s struggle. “Come on, Dad!” He’s just not having it, and that’s totally fine, because his protest is absolutely adorable. Let’s just hope that a few pleasant rides will help [More]
Interrupting a soccer game can be serious (and violent) business for both athletes and fans alike. Thankfully, when the Paulistão championships were interrupted, fights didn’t erupt in the stands. Even though the teams were tied 0-0, when a frightened dog ran onto the field, everyone was on the dog’s side. Learning he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, he ran away from the players and security trying to corral him. Then suddenly, the Oeste and Capivariano teams, both from São Paulo, Brazil, worked together to help bring this dog to the help he needed. See for yourself, [More]
Sometimes the simplest things in life make us smile the most, and this video certainly fits the bill. When this bulldog’s parents set up a treadmill in the house to supplement his walking routine, he couldn’t contain his excitement. Dogs love walks, but this little nugget has a special place in his heart for a good workout. Let’s just hope that he lets his humans use the treadmill every now and then. Share the wealth, buddy! Read more:
We all know this saying: “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a night. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat forever.” But as it turns out, the scope of that adage is a bit narrow. That’s because this golden retriever named Rani loves to fish, too! You can see her in action in the video below. She uses bait and everything! Rani has used this method to capture dozens of fish and turtles over the years. There’s something pretty adorable about a self-sufficient pup, am I right? Read more:
Horses are so last century. If you’re a rider, it’s time to broaden your horizons and see what the rest of the world has to offer in terms of animal transportation. Although, some of these epic rides seem like they’d much rather eat you than let you ride them. (But hey, if you wanted to be boring, you’d drive a car like everyone else.) It’s time to pimp your animal ride: 1.) Ostrich – Australia, South Africa Wikimedia Commons (I thought only cartoon characters did this.) 2.) Reindeer – Finland, Mongolia cooltrudy 3.) Zebra – China BNPS All of the [More]
Over the last few months, floods have been a deadly, though common, occurrence throughout India. Already killing at least 70 people, they’ve proven deadly to man, and if it weren’t for the courage of one mother dog, several puppies would have perished, too. When floodwaters rose in Chennai, one stray dog got separated from her babies. Watch as she swims through a garbage-infested river in an effort to find and save the pups. (via Metro) Watching from above, the onlookers no doubt wished they could have helped this mom. But after she helped her first little one, they could tell [More]
An adorable Boston terrier named Abby likes to skip her afternoon nap every day, because that’s when a certain government worker drops paper treasures through the door. While she probably thinks that she’s protecting her humans from rectangular invaders, the only thing her bizarre reaction really proves is that the battle between dogs and mail carriers wages on. I have a feeling that this family has probably switched to electronic billing since Abby came along. Read more:
Emmy isn’t your typical 10-year-old. While she loves to play with her friends, go shopping, and do arts and crafts, the young girl has a much deeper passion for something amazing. She wants to save as many dogs from being put down at shelters as possible. As her organization Emmy’s Hope says, “If she could save each and every animal she would.” When she visited one Laguna Beach dog shelter recently, the rescue knew a specific pup had caught her eye. Partnering up with Kleenex, not only did they adopt out the dog she hoped would find a forever home…they [More]
There’s nothing worse than dealing with someone who works tirelessly to annoy you. It’s like these people want nothing more than to make your life as miserable as possible, and after a while, even the calmest person can snap. But did you know that this doesn’t just apply to humans? One female tiger shark knows a thing or two about that. She was so tired of one particularly persistent male shark in her tank that she went ahead and devoured him whole. Everyone has a breaking point, folks. Lesson learned. It’s not like any of us ever felt like annoying [More]