When you are born blind, you are faced with an incredible disadvantage. As much as we like to think that we live in an accessible world, life is unimaginably difficult for people who have to get through life without their eyesight. But even if they can’t see, blind people come up with new ways to perceive the world around them with the help of their other senses. Take this man, for example. Watch what happens when he’s asked to draw things based on what he thinks they look like. What an amazing experiment. Seeing how blind people learn to identify [More]
Sometimes you see a piece of art that completely blows your mind. It’s a feeling that can leave you breathless. And this painting has that effect on almost everyone who sees it. It’s an amazing creation that changes as you walk past it. It seems simple enough, but when you think of the work that had to go into creating something so incredible, it’s an experience unlike any other. How does someone even learn to do that? Kudos to this artist for making people around the world lose their minds! Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/perspective-painting/
The universal appeal of music makes it one of the world’s most powerful art forms, and those who bring rows of little black notes to life are among the most gifted people on Earth. While some talent can be taught, most musicians are born with an innate capacity for playing in a way that really moves people. When it comes to this pianist, that couldn’t be more true. When you watch him play, you’ll first notice his skill. After that, however, you’ll see what makes this artist even more extraordinary. For artists who are born with a passion for creativity, [More]
Art historians make a living attempting to discover the meaning behind an artist’s work, unpacking every brushstroke to discover its inspiration. For artist Ruth Oosterman, the answer is simple: her 2-year-old daughter, Eve. Ruth noticed Eve had begun taking a keener interest in her work, especially while she was painting. So she decided to include the little one in her process with this amazing collaboration. They start with Eve, a canvas and an ordinary ink pen. Ruth doesn’t guide or influence Eve, just lets her create on her own. Then Ruth builds on the scribbles with watercolor. But it’s not about [More]
When you walk into a Robert Lazzarini exhibit, you might get a little dizzy. That’s understandable, considering everything you’re looking at was distorted to the extreme. You know what you think something should look like, but here, that’s not going to happen. Photos sadly don’t do these sculptures justice, because it’s easy to mistake them for digitally altered images. What you’re seeing is an actual, three-dimensional sculpture.   Robert Lazzarini Robert Lazzarini Robert Lazzarini Robert Lazzarini Lazzarini morphs everyday items with dimensions we’re familiar with, like telephones, chairs, tools, and musical instruments. These items are built for human use, and we expect [More]
Artistic talent comes in many different forms, to Paul Smith, his artistic talent came in the form of a typewriter. Paul was born in 1921 with severe spastic cerebral palsy, but one day he learned to use a standard typewriter to create beautiful pictures that from a distance resemble fine pencil or pastel drawings. You won’t believe the incredible works this extraordinary man was able to create by using only a few keys on the typewriter. I say was because sadly Paul passed away in 2007, but his beautiful art lives on. (Source: John Stofflet) What an incredible artist Paul [More]
St. George’s Church in the Czech Republic was in danger of closing until a local artist saved the day. He added something to the church that made it special. It wasn’t more holy water or statues. It was a haunting installation that played up the church’s reputation for being cursed. St. George’s Church was abandoned and left to deteriorate for nearly three decades, but was saved for being cursed. What an interesting PR move. Even if you don’t believe in curses, you’ll love what Jakub Hadrava did. The ghostly installation sends chills down my spine. St. George’s Church Caters Lukova, [More]
I’ve always wondered how exactly an ugly lump of clay like this… Vimeo / Tortus Copenhagen Turns into this beauty. Vimeo / Tortus Copenhagen Sure, it takes time, practice, and tremendous amounts of skill. Perhaps as a way of helping outsiders understand the process, ceramist Eric Landon has offered up a unique way of witnessing the art in action. Watch as he quite literally puts us inside his creation process — it’s mesmerizing and entirely awesome. I could watch this all day. It’s so hypnotizing! Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/pottery-wheel/
Most artists want you to see their work, but few want to let you in on the production of their artwork. Not this street artist. This guy is out on the road creating amazing pieces using only paint and his fingers. If that isn’t impressive enough, he’s making these beautiful portraits in the time it takes you to grab a coffee. There’s no hesitation in this his process. It seems like ideas flow straight from his brain to the canvas. Take a look! That’s a start. Bored Panda Still not sure where they’re going with this… Bored Panda …but it [More]
This mind-bending optical illusion painting in the video below is the work of British artists Brian Weavers and Patrick Hughes, who create 3-D images that seem to shift before your eyes as you look at them from different angles. These types of art pieces are known as “reverspectives” where the point that appears the closest (i.e, the smallest) is actually physically the furthest away. The assumption that this point is closer to you creates this illusion. This illusion does require one to not have depth perception which is why it’s so powerful in this video. The point at which the [More]