As humans expand their domain into various areas teeming with wildlife, it becomes more normal to spot a wild creature every now and then. Deer, raccoons, possums and other critters have to get from A to B somehow. After all, we’re encroaching on their environment. On August 4 in Jefferson Township, New Jersey, resident Ian Bohman spotted something walking through his neighborhood that definitely did not belong. What made it even weirder, though, was HOW this creature was passing through. This one will seriously leave you scratching your head… Maybe he’s a former circus bear (or maybe he thinks he’s “people”). Either way, it doesn’t matter. This bear [More]
Are you a nature lover? Me too. I love to go into the wild and watch the animals in their native environment. Although by animals I don’t mean anything that could eat me. 😉 So when Alaskan bear enthusiast Drew Hamilton recently set up camp near the McNeil River to watch the area’s numerous brown bears fish, you can imagine the shock he got when a certain visitor came a little too close for comfort. Here’s a hint. He could eat you! Watch the full video below: How scary is that?! One minute you think you’re being careful, staying out of [More]
What is a surprise is that his best friend of seven years is an 800-pound grizzly bear named Brutus! After rescuing and adopting Brutus as a baby (he found Brutus laying next to his dead mother in the woods) he made sure to care for him in the best way possible — even building him a sanctuary when he got too big for the house. Now, the two work to educate the public about grizzly bears, and how to help get them off the endangered list. The amazing bond between this man and this giant bear is simply incredible, and [More]