The little guy’s danger sense mechanism is clearly working tip top. We were all born with some pretty incredible instincts, and you’re going to laugh when you see this little kiddo’s in action. Watch as he hears what a roaring lion sounds like for the very first time. His natural instinct that something scary and big is nearby totally kicks in. (Source: Michael J. Eilers Smith) That reaction was priceless, but in a few years that laugh will probably turn into tears though, because as we all know lions are super scary. Share this baby’s instinctive reaction with your friends below. [More]
This adorable video comes to us from Taiwan and was taken during a little girl’s first day at kindergarten. It being her first day there she was understandably feeling very uneasy and worried, as we all did on our very first school day. Lucky for her though she was seated next to the nicest little boy ever who starts comforting and reassuring her that he will be there to help her. This video started going viral in Taiwan this week and has been shown on numerous TV shows there. It was taken just over 3 years ago but the kindergarten only [More]
We all know hedgehogs are insanely cute, so what could possibly be cuter than a hedgehog? Well a baby hedgehog of course! But then that begs the question, what is cuter than a baby hedgehog? Simple, a baby hedgehog nibbling on and licking a finger, as proven by this totally adorable video below. As cute as that was it still left me feeling a bit sad. Sad because I have 10 perfectly fine fingers and yet no baby hedgehog chewing on them. *sniff* Source: donburiko Share this adorable finger nibbling hedgehog with your friends below. Read more:
Most of us have probably played a game of peekaboo with our dogs before, either getting a look of real excitement or utter confusion back. But have you ever seen a dog join in on the game, actually playing peekaboo back? That’s exactly what Benny the Bulldog does when he’s bored. Watch as Benny slowly raises his head from under a coffee table to meet the stare of his owner, before lowering his head back again and doing it all over again. You can see he loves every second of it. (Source: Benny The Bulldog) Oh good, there you are [More]
This cute little boy had the most adorable reaction when a butterfly landed right on his nose, it was the most honest mix of terror and excitement a person could ever have. The kid managed to keep his cool (at that age I’m pretty sure I would have swatted it in a panic), and quickly started loving every second of it. (Source: Doug Thompson) And that’s how he became the super hero known as…Butterfly Boy! Share this priceless reaction with all those awesome friends of yours by hitting the button below. Read more:
Everyone’s a critic, and that goes for Max the cute little Boston Terrier too. He’s totally had more than enough of his owner’s constant drumming, so much so that he decided to take matters into his own hands…well, mouth. Take that, little drummer boy. From now on Max makes the rules in the house! (Source: Ross Whitby) Max’s owner, Ross, says that he never drums with Max in the room, this time though while rehearsing in his studio little Max nudged the closed door open to check what was going on and immediately grabbed one of Ross’s drum sticks. Thinking it [More]
When it came to introducing their newborn son to the world, Minnesota couple Chris and Aimee Knutson had a really different approach to it. They made this super sweet stop-motion video, as shot through the eyes of the family teddy bear, as he prepared himself to welcome a new family member to the household, and eventually making a new best friend. I didn’t think it was possible, but this video just broke my sweet meter. Source: Baby Cop Share this super adorable video with your friends and family below. Read more:
When Malia returned from visiting family across the country, she got the biggest surprise of her life after landing at LAX. As she walked down the escalator to the arrivals area, she was greeted by one of her boyfriend’s friends He was holding a guitar and playing a song written specifically for her by her boyfriend. Next, as she was led through the airport she kept seeing more and more of her friends, each one performing a different song written for her by her boyfriend. All before finally seeing her man, waiting to surprise her by popping the question. The way this [More]
This video is guaranteed to give you the biggest smile; it perfectly captures love, appreciation, family, and the importance of being silly in just over one minute! In the video a father and his little daughter do a celebratory dance that they have been doing for a few weeks now every time daddy comes back home after a hard day at work. (Source: Chessi Price) That was just too precious to watch, that is one awesome father and one lucky little girl. Share this cute dancing duo with your friends and family below. Read more:
We once believed that apes would take over the world. Now it looks like the dogs are vying for supremacy. After clearly studying our language and constantly increasing their cuteness factor, dogs certainly are a force to be reckoned with. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this YouTube demonstration and tell us they’re NOT sending a message… a message of cuteness! A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Check out the whole video: (via William Wegman) You better hit those books, because at this rate, they pups [More]