When the great people at Animal Aid Unlimited got a call about a street dog hiding in an abandoned basement of a building, nothing could prepare them for the horrific scene they were about to come across. The critically injured dog was lying lifeless on the floor when they found him, seemingly just wanting to die. It took nine weeks of daily bandaging and care to treat the maggot-infested wound on the poor pooch’s head, but as you can see at the end, he made an amazing recovery and is now loving life. Please note: this video contains some graphic [More]
Holly is only five weeks old, but she’s already experienced a lifetime of pain. When she was brought into a North Carolina animal control shelter with her mother, she had a broken leg that needed to be fixed immediately. It was either that or she would be euthanized. But as is common with some rescue centers, the shelter was out of emergency funds. Luckily, Adopt an Angel was willing to help. She was rushed to the vet but unfortunately, there was nothing the doctors could do for her leg. It was immediately amputated. But that’s not where the poor girl’s [More]