Some dogs absolutely detest the idea of being clean and have to be dragged to the bathtub by their owners. Dog owner Ursula Liv has the complete opposite problem. Her Rottweiler Lena, loves soaking it up in the shower, basking in the glory that is warm water. As soon as her owner stepped out of the shower one morning, with the water still running, Lena literally jumped at the opportunity by jumping right under the water. Her owner is so used to it that she decided to go and grab her camera phone, to document the adorableness for us all (which [More]
If you’ve ever had a car-hating dog, you’ll identify with this video on a spiritual level. Harvey’s a great guy, but being in the car just isn’t his jam. When his humans try to lure him in, he does what any sensible dog would do and goes totally limp. The resulting footage is as hilarious as it is endearing, and if there’s anything that you just loathe doing, you’ll understand Harvey’s struggle. “Come on, Dad!” He’s just not having it, and that’s totally fine, because his protest is absolutely adorable. Let’s just hope that a few pleasant rides will help [More]
My dog doesn’t really get the concept of fetching something. She’s great at running after things…sometimes she even picks them up! But ask her to bring said item back to you and you’re bound to be waiting there for a good, long while. Then again, maybe I’ve been going at the whole retrieval process wrong. Perhaps what I’ve been asking her to fetch just isn’t exciting enough. A ball is okay, a Frisbee is better, but a tasty crustacean? Now we’re talking! Watch how this dog dad gets his adorably smart pooch to dive into the ocean and snatch up [More]
Sadly, many people see a feral, aggressive dog and immediately want to put them down. With nearly 4 million pups entering shelters every year, it’s hard to think about all those pets who aren’t given a second chance like Billie Jean was. When No Kill Kern got a notice about this poor girl, she was terrified and aggressive towards humans. But after just a few days of working with trainers, Billie Jean’s true colors began to shine. But her story didn’t end there — watch to find out what they discovered when she took a trip to the vet! Thank [More]
For Meme the dog, getting food isn’t a problem. Because no matter what his family does to prevent him from opening the containers, he’s able to figure out a way to reach his goal. Not quite understanding how he was problem solving so well, though, his family finally decided to set up a camera to catch him in the act. The result is an astonishing video proving Meme just might be the smartest dog around…and the hungriest! In less than 30 seconds Meme finds a way to open a “dog-proof container.” I wonder…can we get a refund? Read more:
Interrupting a soccer game can be serious (and violent) business for both athletes and fans alike. Thankfully, when the Paulistão championships were interrupted, fights didn’t erupt in the stands. Even though the teams were tied 0-0, when a frightened dog ran onto the field, everyone was on the dog’s side. Learning he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, he ran away from the players and security trying to corral him. Then suddenly, the Oeste and Capivariano teams, both from São Paulo, Brazil, worked together to help bring this dog to the help he needed. See for yourself, [More]
Shoveling snow sure is a big pain in the butt. Most people would love to avoid shoveling altogether, and some go so far as to pay people to do it for them. That’s why these pups decided to lend their favorite humans a helping paw. Even if their efforts weren’t exactly helpful, the gesture certainly didn’t go unnoticed! Well, at least they tried to help. It’s really the thought that counts. But puppies…listen…maybe it’d be better if you all just stayed inside and prepared to greet your frozen humans with kisses instead. Read more:
When baby Louie was set to meet his trio of brothers one day, his parents had a problem: how do you introduce a tiny tyke like Lou to a group of wily pugs…and not have them swarm him with love? Their inventive solution let him meet the dogs on his own terms…just wait until you hear his adorable laughter! It turns out that while the pugs can’t contain their excitement, neither can baby Louie. We’re sure these four will be fast friends! Read more:
I’m all about sharing — it is caring after all…but try to eat some of my chocolate cake before I’m done with it and you’re in for a sore surprise. I imagine that’s exactly how Goggles feels right now. You see, he and Millie are best of friends…but when she lays claim to the ball, Goggles loses all composure. This is a battle for the ages. “WHAT? BUT THAT’S…THAT’S MY BALL!” YouTube I mean Millie did kind of egg Goggles on, but for the most part she remained impressively stoic throughout the whole thing. This match goes to Millie. Watch [More]
Most of us have probably played a game of peekaboo with our dogs before, either getting a look of real excitement or utter confusion back. But have you ever seen a dog join in on the game, actually playing peekaboo back? That’s exactly what Benny the Bulldog does when he’s bored. Watch as Benny slowly raises his head from under a coffee table to meet the stare of his owner, before lowering his head back again and doing it all over again. You can see he loves every second of it. (Source: Benny The Bulldog) Oh good, there you are [More]