When the great people at Animal Aid Unlimited got a call about a street dog hiding in an abandoned basement of a building, nothing could prepare them for the horrific scene they were about to come across. The critically injured dog was lying lifeless on the floor when they found him, seemingly just wanting to die. It took nine weeks of daily bandaging and care to treat the maggot-infested wound on the poor pooch’s head, but as you can see at the end, he made an amazing recovery and is now loving life. Please note: this video contains some graphic [More]
Everyone’s favorite YouTube magician and feel-good prankster, Stuart Edge, is back with yet another incredible act of kindness. Recently, Edge accidentally transferred $470 into a stranger’s PayPal account after making a simple typo. But instead of keeping the money, the kind stranger reached out and returned it. It was an act of honesty that inspired the prankster to hatch a plan that’d help him thank the man in person. And that meant flying halfway around the world from Utah to the United Kingdom. As you can see in the video below, it was all worth it in the end. They [More]
It usually starts relatively small. Maybe Dad needs a little help at home because getting around is becoming difficult. Other times, it arrives like thunder, with a catastrophic injury or a shocking medical diagnosis rendering a loved one completely dependent on outside help. No matter how an illness or disability arrives, the person who steps up to assist their stricken family member earns a title. That person becomes a caregiver. In the United States, 40 million people provide unpaid care to elderly, ill, and disabled people. Most of these caregivers don’t even distinguish themselves as such. To them, helping family [More]
The Ringstaff family motto is simple. As they say, “We can’t save the world, but we can do something about the one in front of us,” so when the caring crew saw a large dog lying by the side of the road, they immediately turned around to help. They thought that the dog had been hit by a car, but he was actually fine. He was, however, lying next to another dog that had sadly been killed. Based on his body language, they determined that this brave guy was grieving the loss of his friend. The family couldn’t get the [More]
Our friend Simon from the Wildlife Aid Foundation is back with yet another daring animal rescue. This time it was a feisty deer that was giving him a hard time. The doe had got herself completely stuck between the bars of a metal fence. It’s a situation that Simon sees all too often, because when deer are able to fit their shoulders through a space, they think they’ll be able to get the rest through as well. As you can see here, that’s not always the case… Luckily the deer didn’t have any injuries, so there was no need to [More]
Larsen Jay is a man who thoroughly believes that flowers not only bring joy to people’s lives, but that they also have the power to heal. In 2007, Jay was confined to a hospital bed after falling from a ladder. The accident meant he had to endure a long and painful recovery, but fortunately for him, he received plenty of visitors bearing gifts of cards and flowers. Once he got better and was able to move around the hospital, Jay noticed that there were plenty of rooms without any blooms. That’s when he decided to do his best to brighten [More]
Nicole Stream was traveling with her five-month-old baby boy and her best friend when they got into a horrific wreck that sent their car crashing into a frozen Wisconsin marsh. The two women and baby were lucky to survive the crash and plunge, but things looked extremely bleak when Nicole couldn’t free her baby from the car seat. Luckily, the crash didn’t go unnoticed and countless strangers risked their own lives by diving into the icy lake to save the two adult women and baby. Days later, they were able to thank the heroes who saved them in an extremely [More]
A puppy named Fram was living a dirty, flea-ridden life by the side of a busy road before volunteers from a rescue organization called Howl of a Dog spotted him on a rescue mission one day. The little guy was clearly disoriented and he was venturing too close to traffic, so they had to act fast. Before disaster could strike, however, he warmed up to the team (and made everyone melt in the process). Fram is not only a fluffy bundle of joy, but he’s also very smart, playful, and friendly. He loves humans, other dogs, and even cats! He’s [More]