Listening to your favorite band or singer live is an emotional experience, but for a young Mexican boy with autism, seeing Coldplay hit him especially hard. This tear-jerking video was filmed by proud father Luis Vazquez when he took his son, Luis Noel, to see his favorite band perform at Foro Sol stadium in Mexico City. After a short introduction in which Vazquez asks Luis about his favorite Coldplay song, it cuts to a scene of the father-son duo watching the band play “Fix You.” Take a look at what happens when Luis is flooded with emotions. Lead singer Chris [More]
Younger Internet users don’t know how good they have it in 2016. They’ll never know the slow, painful experience that is a dial-up connection. Aside from the excruciating sluggishness of it, there was also the horrible screeching when you finally connected to the Internet. It was terrible. So what noise could possibly be worse than the dial-up sound? How about the dial-up sound slowed down by 700%? It’s literally 700% creepier… Well, that will be the new soundtrack to my nightmares. Holy crap, that’s terrifying. I’m so happy for high-speed Internet. Read more:
I get the distinct feeling that this guy never had trouble getting ready for talent shows back in the day. When it comes to simple, entertaining performances, juggling is the old standby. There seems to be one person in every family who can round up some fruit in the kitchen and show off over breakfast (even if it doesn’t last long and an orange goes flying). But this man’s affinity for juggling is next-level amazing. Juggling three balls? No problem. YouTube / Łukasz Uczkiewicz What about four? Easy. YouTube / Łukasz Uczkiewicz He’s never one to back down from a [More]
googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); This dog’s curiosity gets the better of him, but hilariously, he can’t help going back for more. In the video, which was filmed by Norwegian bowling alley worker Glenn-Ove Ellingsen, Fant the border collie can be seen sniffing the foul line tentatively, not quite sure what to expect. Even though the pup has been to work with Ellingsen hundreds of times, the cutie just can’t get used to is the foul line buzzer, which sends him into a frenzy every time he sets it off. Challenge: Try not to laugh at this and see how long [More]
One of the most frustrating things about having Wi-Fi in your house is that the signal strength can never be trusted. Sit on the couch and it’s super fast…but take two steps to the left? Somehow, you’ve entered a dead zone. Even if you have the most high-end router, chances are, there are some spotty places in your home. Thanks to this little trick, though, you’ll never have to deal with that annoyance again. All you need are a few soda cans… Isn’t that easy? Never get caught without the internet again! Read more:
For some reason, society thinks that older people can’t have fun — that they don’t want to play pranks, tell jokes, or kid around. Well, this grandmother is here to show you that you’re mistaken if you believe that, and she does it in the cutest way possible. When you watch this 82-year-old granny play a trick on someone, you’ll be roaring (especially when she gets caught in the act). Whether you call it “ding-dong ditch” or “knick-knacking,” this is still hilarious. How could you even be mad at someone that precious? This lady is clearly older, wiser, and way [More]
Over the years, scientists have come to discover that Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it stands today isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Just last week, we learned that robots aren’t always the friendliest to their human counterparts, but what happens when you leave two AI bots in the same room? googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); Researchers from Cornell University’s Creative Machine Lab decided to test that scenario. After trudging through some identity crises, the bots tried to tackle philosophy. Let me be the first to tell you that these chatbots certainly weren’t afraid to get sassy. These are pretty much [More]
The adorable children of the PS22 Chorus don’t go to a school for the arts, but an ordinary public elementary school in Staten Island, New York. When you hear their angelic voices and their sweeping harmonies, you’ll easily understand that everyone is capable of creating art! Recently, the talented fifth graders that make up the group took on a song that has touched hundreds of thousands: Tim McGraw’s “Humble And Kind.” Their performance sends a message we all need to hear. These amazing kids prove that anyone can create something beautiful when they come together. The choir has even made [More]
Not all people are into little dogs. Not all people are into big dogs. But all people are into adorable dogs. It’s basically science, and if you’ve spent more than 25 seconds on social media since the dawn of the Internet, you’ve probably noticed that the world can’t get enough of pomeranians and their bafflingly cute antics. Why? Well, it’s probably because they’re little puffballs from Heaven. When it comes to making people squeal inappropriately in public places, pomeranians are repeat offenders. 1. It’s a commonly known fact that the world becomes a significantly better place every time a pomeranian [More]
Ever come across a street performance that just blew your mind? Well, anyone who has been lucky enough to witness guitarists The ShowHawk Duo certainly has. In this video filmed in Bath, England, the two talented musicians perform a medley of songs you don’t often hear being played on acoustic guitars. Included in their lineup are Darude’s “Sandstorm,” Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and Dick Dale’s “Miserlou.” By the end, you’ll feel like throwing coins at your screen! If you want to hear more from these guys, check out their YouTube page here and their website here! They really take guitar playing [More]