Some people forget about the important things in life when they become famous. But for Roma striker Alessandro Florenzi? He knows exactly who is important in life. He celebrated after scoring a goal by jumping a barrier and rushing into the stands to embrace his grandmother, who was crying tears of joy. It was nana’s first time seeing her soccer star grandson play at the Stadio Olmpico in Rome, so it was a very magical moment for the pair. Not only did Florenzi score his team’s second goal, but he set up the first one in Roma’s 2-0 victory over Cagliari in [More]
When Troy Dickerson’s pregnant wife, Kristin, went unexpectedly into labor in the middle of the night, the couple began to head to the hospital as fast as they could. Little did they know how their night would turn out. As Troy had done with the birth of their two other children, he decided to film the entire thing with his GoPro camera attached to the top of his head. Just as they pulled up outside of the Texas Children’s Hospital at around 2AM, the baby decided it was time to enter the world. Not being able to get in the [More]
When it comes to raising little ones, there’s something special about all the hard work mothers do, whether they’re human moms or not. On four legs or two, moms make looking after the kids their first priority, and elephant mothers are among the most dedicated. When this baby elephant got a little too close to some humans, its mother did what any parent would do in that situation. Check out what happens when those maternal instincts kick in! She clearly has everything under control! Honestly, humans are the most destructive beings of all, so she wasn’t wrong in protecting her [More]
For some people… the struggle is real. This little boy was having fun at a pool party when he decided he wanted to eat a cookie. So, naturally, he found himself a little treat and went to eat it. Only then did he realize that he was going to have some trouble because of the floaties he was wearing on his arms. His extremely hilarious (but not so helpful) parents decided to videotape the drama as it went down. I can’t decide if this is the meanest or funniest thing ever. Yep, it’s confirmed: this is hilarious. Sometimes, we all face struggles. [More]
Grown men have fainted from the sight of childbirth, unable to witness the miracle of life. It is a shocking thing to see, sometimes. Births can be messy and ugly, but totally worth it in order to bring life into the world. This little girl, however, had an incredible reaction when she watched a video of her own birth. Instead of recoiling with fear or revulsion, she was overcome with happiness and gratitude. It’s unbelievable how she reacts. She wasn’t quite sure what to think at first… But then she saw herself. “I’m so cute!” Not everyone would have this [More]
googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Hero is normally a very quiet dog, so when he started whining incessantly one day, his owner knew something was very wrong. Four-year-old Sadie has type one diabetes and Down syndrome, which makes it quite difficult for her parents to monitor the little girl’s blood sugar levels. That’s where Hero comes in. The service dog has been specially trained to detect decreases in blood sugar. While many dogs have been trained to help diabetics in the same way, what Hero did one day is almost beyond comprehension. Little Sadie was at school five miles away from [More]
As the youngest of three, I always wanted to be just like my two older brothers. Unfortunately, though, no matter how hard I tried, there was no way I was going to be able to run as fast as them or play baseball like them when my legs were so much shorter and my arms were still so skinny I could barely hold the bat. But that didn’t stop me from thinking I was just as accomplished! When his big sister takes a turn on the hula hoop, this little boy jumps in for a go, himself. It doesn’t matter [More]
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Art historians make a living attempting to discover the meaning behind an artist’s work, unpacking every brushstroke to discover its inspiration. For artist Ruth Oosterman, the answer is simple: her 2-year-old daughter, Eve. Ruth noticed Eve had begun taking a keener interest in her work, especially while she was painting. So she decided to include the little one in her process with this amazing collaboration. They start with Eve, a canvas and an ordinary ink pen. Ruth doesn’t guide or influence Eve, just lets her create on her own. Then Ruth builds on the scribbles with watercolor. But it’s not about [More]
The invention of the “Man Cave” was a game changer for men. It gave men the excuse to devote a place in the house exclusively to enjoying all things manly. They could watch sports, play video games…do whatever they wanted. But why should guys get to have all the fun? After seeing how awesome man caves were, women have started making their own versions known as “She Sheds.” One woman was exploring new property when she found a tiny cabin. What she did with it was amazing. (via Wimp) It’s awesome and beneficial for everyone to have a place to [More]