Helping others is one of the best things you can do, especially if it’s a stranger. When you help a stranger in need, that feeling is contagious, and maybe instant karma will come back around and make sure that you are treated well in life. And that’s exactly what happened to this guy. After he helped this man put a water vessel on the top of his car, he was treated to an incredible surprise. I wish karma worked that instantaneously for everyone! It’d be a win-win situation for both parties, since one person would get the help they needed, [More]
Many people start their days out by weighing themselves…but if you listened to anything Christina Aguilera told the world in 2002, it’s that we are beautiful, no matter what they say. And this pug couldn’t agree more. You see, when his owner tries to use the scale, he has a lot of feelings about the whole thing. “Weight is just a number, dad!” “Lemme just take that off your hands…” Rumble / AFV It becomes pretty clear at the end that this little guy is trying to get out of being weighed himself! That’s okay, though, he’s still a handsome [More]
Before Super Bowl 50 goes down between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, YouTube’s Bad Lip Reading has produced a video that aptly rings in the big game. Using real footage of NFL players, they came up with some of the most hysterical voiceovers of all time. The video already has 33 million views, so you know that this hilarity is the real deal. Priceless, am I right? The 30 other teams that didn’t make it to the Super Bowl will at least be able to get a laugh out of this. Read more:
When you’re on an airplane, it is most of the flight staff’s goal to be completely professional and by-the-books. However, Marty Cobb from Southwest isn’t your average flight attendant. She made sure to tell everyone the safety features of the aircraft and what to do in case of an emergency… But she also instructed the passengers in such an amazing way. It was unlike anything we have ever seen. She puts her heart and soul into this announcement and we love it. Marty gave the passengers a twist they didn’t see coming. Her in-flight instructions were unlike anything they have seen [More]
This funny little dog clearly had one too many “run-ins” with a closed door. Watch as the little guy stands outside the glass door, waiting for his owners to open it and let him in. What he doesn’t realize is the door is already open. Eventually, his owner decides to give the pup some help by pantomiming what he thinks should happen: (Source: Daniel Wirtz) Now this is the kind of well-mannered dog everyone would love to have! Unless, of course, he’s a vampire dog that just wasn’t invited into this house yet. Read more:
Technology is getting crazy these days. We’ve had so many technological advances in our lifetimes that it is almost hard to comprehend. I remember a time before the Internet, my parents remember a time before color television, and heck, my grandmother remembers a time before television was even invented! Now imagine what would happen if you gave your grandma a virtual-reality headset! Actually, don’t imagine that. Check out a real-life example in the hilarious video below. I need to get one of those headsets and record my grandmother using it. I bet it would be just as funny as this. [More]
If you’re like me and still enjoy silly jokes that would make the teenage version of you laugh, then you’re going to love this online blackjack prank. It’s based on one of the oldest pranks in the book: you call a bar or restaurant and ask to speak to your friend called “Hugh Jass” or “Seymour Butz”. The other person at the end of the line thinks nothing of it and calls out the name, unwittingly saying a rude word in the process. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); It’s a completely harmless prank that one man going by P. Ness has [More]
Who doesn’t love a sloppy joe? It’s a delicious, messy, all-American classic that is usually a huge hit with kids…except this toddler, it would seem. Declan here is saying nothing but nope, nope, nope to his dinner because he’s convinced the Sloppy Joe is in fact “poop.” No matter how much his mother tries to tell him it’s just hamburger meat, the funny little guy refuses to believe the odd-looking sandwich is actually fit for consumption. I completely empathize with this kid. For the longest time, I used to think honey was actually snot… Read more:
If you’ve ever caught a lover cheating on you, you how devastating it can be. You might do some really rash things like burn their stuff, key their car, or shut them out of your life completely. Well, that’s not what this man did. When he caught his girlfriend cheating on him, he didn’t just sit idly by and take it. He set up an elaborate prank that’s as genius as cheating is scummy. He lined his house with romantic candles and flower petals, and then set up gifts all around the bed. When it seemed like he was going [More]
Gender-reveal parties are all the rage these days. People are constantly coming up with new ways to reveal the big news, making use of elaborate decorations and dyed cakes to let loved ones know whether they’re welcoming a new baby girl or boy into this world. One clever mom managed to keep the gender of her baby secret from the little one’s father. Before the party, she asked a baker to dye the cake blue so that Dad could dig in during the party. He completely lost it when he sliced the cake and learned that after having four girls, [More]