When the great people at Animal Aid Unlimited got a call about a street dog hiding in an abandoned basement of a building, nothing could prepare them for the horrific scene they were about to come across. The critically injured dog was lying lifeless on the floor when they found him, seemingly just wanting to die. It took nine weeks of daily bandaging and care to treat the maggot-infested wound on the poor pooch’s head, but as you can see at the end, he made an amazing recovery and is now loving life. Please note: this video contains some graphic [More]
The good people of Animal Aid Unlimited are back at it with yet another incredible rescue video, and if you thought they were only out there helping cats and dogs, boy were you wrong. This time a cow was in desperate need of their love and care. The poor cow was living at a garbage dump after having been left there with a dozen or so bovine friends. What made this particular farm animal more in need of help was that she was slowly being strangled by a rope that was deeply embedded in her neck. What’s amazing is the [More]
In Assam, India you’ll find the Molai Forest, one of the most unique places on the planet. During the 1970’s, the world’s largest river island was at risk of sinking into the sea because it sits on top of a sandbar. In the early 1980’s, an enormous forest miraculously appeared out of nowhere and saved the entire island from sinking into the sea. The most special thing about it? It was built by a real life Johnny Appleseed. Meet Jadav Payeng, a lifelong forestry worker. Back in 1979 he started to notice the lack of plant life on his small island of [More]
googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); Nancy is just a puppy, but she’s already had a close brush with death. When the wonderful people at Animal Aid Unlimited found her, her head was huge. It was so swollen that it looked like a balloon. They can’t be sure why, but she had a string around her neck that was tied extremely tight. It was slowly choking her to death. They brought her back to their sanctuary and quickly got to work. Wait until you see her at the end! She’s so happy! YouTube / Animal Aid Unlimited, India googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBM_BTF’); }); [More]
There are an estimated 30 million stray dogs roaming the streets of India. With poorly lit roads, these pups often end up causing accidents or becoming roadkill. To save strays from being mowed down by vehicles, a non-profit organization called Motopaws has come up with an initiative to fit as many dogs as possible with reflective collars made from donated denim. While it’s certainly not a solution to the stray problem, it goes a long way toward saving lives. What an ingenious way to help these pups. It’s not a bad idea for domestic dogs either! For those late-night walks [More]
When rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited responded to a call regarding a trapped donkey in a septic tank, they couldn’t begin to imagine how the animal could have gotten himself into such a predicament. As they arrived, all they found was a small square hole about the size of a computer screen. Upon further inspection they found an adult donkey standing with legs locked, in total darkness, fending off water that was almost at chest level. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); After attempting to pick away at the cement, rescuers had to bring in a jackhammer to create a space wide [More]
Some people may complain about their height, but honestly, they have no idea. At 24 inches tall, Jyoti Amge is the size of an average 3-month-old baby. Amge, however, is not an infant. In fact, at 21-years-old, she’s old enough to have one of her own. Ever since she turned 18, which was back in 2011, Amge has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the World’s Smallest Woman. Before that, she was the World’s Smallest Teenager. While Amge isn’t expected to get any taller, she still hopes to make it big in the film industry–whether it be in India’s Bollywood [More]
When you were a kid, you were probably busy playing tag or hide-and-seek in your backyard after school. Once you were all pooped out, maybe you went inside to have a nice snack of milk and cookies (if your parents were “cool”) or perhaps some fresh veggies. Learning a very specialized skill to perform in the streets with your family was probably nowhere in the realm of your imagination. But this six-year-old girl in India has perfected the craft of tightrope walking in order to perform with her father. It’s hard to imagine the time and dedication that went into [More]
Over the last few months, floods have been a deadly, though common, occurrence throughout India. Already killing at least 70 people, they’ve proven deadly to man, and if it weren’t for the courage of one mother dog, several puppies would have perished, too. When floodwaters rose in Chennai, one stray dog got separated from her babies. Watch as she swims through a garbage-infested river in an effort to find and save the pups. (via Metro) Watching from above, the onlookers no doubt wished they could have helped this mom. But after she helped her first little one, they could tell [More]
With only a thin rope and their bravery, an Indian community that had joined forces with a local rescue group saved a drowning dog that had fallen into a well. Without a moment to spare, they sprung to action and lowered one of their members into the well to fetch the poor pup. That’s the easy part. Getting out of the well, as we’re all, ahem, well aware, is the challenge. Take a look at how the motley rescue crew came together to bring that dog to safety. Hang in there, buddy! Animal Aid Unlimited Don’t worry, help is on [More]