A building collapsed in Nairobi, Kenya, last week, leaving 23 people dead and 93 missing. Rescuers have been working tirelessly since the moment they stepped onto the horrific scene. Just as they were giving up hope on May 3, however, the team came across a six-month-old baby in the rubble. Miraculously, the child had no significant injuries and only needed treatment for dehydration, which she received immediately. Her name is Dealeryn Saisi Wasike, and her parents could not believe their eyes when they saw that their little one was alive and well after such an awful ordeal. The baby not [More]
Technology is getting crazy these days. We’ve had so many technological advances in our lifetimes that it is almost hard to comprehend. I remember a time before the Internet, my parents remember a time before color television, and heck, my grandmother remembers a time before television was even invented! Now imagine what would happen if you gave your grandma a virtual-reality headset! Actually, don’t imagine that. Check out a real-life example in the hilarious video below. I need to get one of those headsets and record my grandmother using it. I bet it would be just as funny as this. [More]
Pigeons. Many hate them. Nicknamed “the rats of the sky,” pigeons don’t really get much love from people in the world. They’re exceedingly common and rarely do people consider them domesticated animals (even though they can be taught). Let’s face it, pigeons are the least likable birds on the planet. This recent discovery, though, may change people’s minds about the humble pigeon. An experiment was conducted to see if pigeons could recognize cancer cells in humans, and lo and behold, the pigeons could actually do it! The birds were 90 percent accurate in one experiment and 99 percent in another. [More]
When you are born blind, you are faced with an incredible disadvantage. As much as we like to think that we live in an accessible world, life is unimaginably difficult for people who have to get through life without their eyesight. But even if they can’t see, blind people come up with new ways to perceive the world around them with the help of their other senses. Take this man, for example. Watch what happens when he’s asked to draw things based on what he thinks they look like. What an amazing experiment. Seeing how blind people learn to identify [More]
NASA astronaut Scott Kelly went to space almost a year ago on a mission to study the effects of life in outer space on the human body. After months of extensive research, Kelly is finally home. Late Tuesday night, Kelly and fellow astronauts Mikhail Kornienko and Sergey Volkov landed back here on Earth. As you can imagine, their journey was chock-full of amazing experiences. Here are some of Scott Kelly’s most incredible social media posts. During his stint at the International Space Station, this astronaut took in some seriously breathtaking sights. He did, of course, spend most of his time [More]
Winter is a very dreary time for people with green thumbs, what with almost all the vegetation that grows outside dead or dying. But fear not, amateur botanists! Here is an awesome way to make an indoor garden that should tide you over until spring. It’s incredibly easy to make and quite aesthetically pleasing. Check out that beautiful, indoor vertical garden! Don’t you want to make one of your own now? You absolutely should! That lady has enough character and charisma to inspire all of us to start gardening. Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/indoor-garden/
People love to emulate what they see on TV, hear on the radio, or watch on the big screen. How many times have you acted out or quoted a scene from a television show or movie? We all do it — it’s something that brings us all together. Don’t believe me? Well, when you see what this dad and daughter did while they were watching a routine on Dancing with the Stars, you’ll definitely change your mind. Man, those two can sure cut a rug! I’d love to see them on Dancing with the Stars — then again, they might [More]
As an eight-year-old, Tyler Doohan had so much life left to live. But that future was cut short because the young boy became a hero. Back in January 2014, Doohan was staying at his grandfather’s house for the weekend. He wanted to spend the long weekend with his family. Unfortunately, a fire broke out. With no working smoke detector, the child ran around the house trying to wake up as many people as possible and get them outside. He ended up saving six lives that night. But when he went back for his disabled grandfather, the burden was too much. [More]
Sometimes you see a piece of art that completely blows your mind. It’s a feeling that can leave you breathless. And this painting has that effect on almost everyone who sees it. It’s an amazing creation that changes as you walk past it. It seems simple enough, but when you think of the work that had to go into creating something so incredible, it’s an experience unlike any other. How does someone even learn to do that? Kudos to this artist for making people around the world lose their minds! Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/perspective-painting/
Jared Fogle rose to fame by becoming the face of Subway. He lost astronomical amounts of weight by incorporating the sandwiches into his diet, and he quickly became the brand’s spokesperson. Fogle is now imprisoned in Colorado and serving a hefty sentence for the distribution and receipt of child pornography, as well as traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor. Most horrifying of all are the charges of sexual abuse. These audio tapes reveal how demented and twisted his actions were, since he had a very specific plan that he used to get closer to children. Sickening [More]