googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); In a deliciously ironic twist, we spend all our time flipping out about looking our best during a season that hinges around food. I mean, what do you think of when you hear “summer”? Cookouts? Trips to the beach? European vacations? All of those activities have one thing in common: They’re food-fests. Screw you, beach bod. If you can’t get enough of your favorite summer snacks, you have to see these amazing little tricks! You best believe I’m making those cookie bowls this weekend. Which ones will you try? Read more:
At this point, you might think you’ve read all the life hacks this world has to offer… There are the general, genius ones, the hacks specifically for the kitchen, the clever cleaning tricks…we could go on for days. But even we were pretty impressed by how simple these ten tips were when we came across them…how did we not know about these? Whether you’re looking for an easy way to fall asleep fast or an all-natural remedy to reducing acne, read on to find some answers to life’s little annoyances. 1. Blink fast for a minute to make your eyes [More]
By now, you’ve probably heard about dishwasher cooking. From veggies to grains to desserts, people have made all sorts of delicious foods in this appliance, but cooking something like steak in it would never work…would it? Recently, the YouTubers behind COOK WITHMEAT decided to test out dishwasher cooking by preparing a nice, juicy ribeye. When I saw what they had in mind, I couldn’t believe that they were going to waste such a delicious cut of meat! Once they sliced into the finished product, however, I was a complete believer. Skeptical? Just wait until you see what they pull out [More]
For most people, the first sign of a headache means a trip to the medicine cabinet to fetch some Tylenol or Advil. But what if you could stop the annoying ache without any drugs? Sure, you can debilitate an attacker with a well-placed finger on the neck — it’s called pressure point fighting — but those little trigger spots all over your body can actually be used to knock a headache out, too. All it takes is a few minutes. The best part is that you can do this to yourself! I may just throw or give away all of [More]
“Life hacks” — they’re the trendy little tricks that make the lives of nice people just a bit easier…then again, this might be the first one I’ve seen that could potentially make things easier for criminals. Watch as this guy teaches viewers how to open a simple bike lock in under 90 seconds. I can’t believe it’s that easy! Now you know that you have to buy a super-secure bike lock. Lesson learned: the next time I ride a bike, I’m locking it up with a medieval ball and chain. Read more:
Until we finally learn to stop decorating them with white porcelain, bathrooms will forever be the worst rooms in the house to clean. But what people don’t realize is that there a some simple things you can do to minimize the grime and keep your bathroom from looking like a holding cell at a local precinct. Here are 18 everyday bathroom cleaning tips to keep your water closet spic and span! 1. While you’re cleaning the bathroom, don’t forget to throw your grimy old bathmats in the wash! Flickr / Joe Futrelle 2. Is your showerhead all crusty? Try filling [More]
Just the smell of chalk brings me back to afternoons on the playground drawing up four square courts and hopscotch games. But those days are long gone and I still have tons of chalk strewn around my home. If you’re in the same boat, here are just a few of the ways you can reuse the stuff. 1. Temporarily dye your hair…here’s how. 2. Ants and other bugs hate talcum powder, a key ingredient in chalk, so you can draw lines in parts of your home that are susceptible to insects. Tickled Mummy Club 3. If your keys aren’t going [More]
Unfortunately, we can’t all be like this guy when we cut onions. In fact, most of us are like this guy… Stop crying, pull yourself together, and do this: I’ve tried lighting candles and putting the onion in the freezer beforehand, but nothing has worked! I’m trying this trick ASAP. Read more:
Consider this: the average American household spends over $750 on fruits and vegetables every year. That’s a lot of money that you could be saving with a simple backyard produce garden. Sure, having a garden is no small task, but getting one started is a lot simpler than you think. All you need are some kitchen scraps from the fruits and veggies you want to grow… And to think, you were going to throw out that bottom part of the celery! If you maintain your crops, keep the critters away, and harvest the fruits of your labor (we had to!), [More]
If you’ve ever felt defeated by the almighty tie, listen up! This tip is about to save you your next morning-prep headache. Whether you’re a struggling prom date or a businessman who has to wear a tie every day, fumbling around with this accessory is pretty much universally hated by dapper dudes everywhere. Fortunately, this video is here to save the day. Watch what happens when he starts looping the tie around his hand. Pure genius. Easy as pie, folks! I don’t know about you, but I’ll be incorporating this into my routine (and showing every other guy I know). [More]