Imagine waking up one day and realizing that the only thing you can see is darkness. How do you learn to experience the world around you when a devastating complication takes away the sense upon which you’ve relied for a lifetime? This is the sad reality that one woman in Japan faced after a complication from diabetes robbed her of her eyesight. Mrs. Kuroki fell into a deep depression as she tried to come to terms with her blindness. Her husband was heartbroken, and he thought endlessly about how he could make life easier for the most important person in [More]
It seems like the accepted approach to letting strangers know you’re offended by their dirty windshields is to emblazon them with choice four-letter words. While I’m totally into that, what Scott Wade does to his windows when they’re dirty is so much better (and certainly way less malicious). The artist, who grew up along a dirt road, has always had a thing for doodling in grime. When he was messing around one day, he discovered that with different tools and techniques, he could bring popular subjects to life on mud-covered cars. Scott Wade Scott Wade Scott Wade Scott Wade Scott [More]
Millions of people from around the world flock to the finest art museums every year to experience the most incredible pieces that have ever been created. It’s hard to stand unmoved in front of the works of Michelangelo, Dürer, Da Vinci, and Cassatt. It’s hard to deny how seeing a piece like the Mona Lisa in person makes you feel. But people with visual impairments rarely get to partake in these experiences. They never get to analyze Monet’s signature brush strokes, stare into the vast beauty of the Sistine Chapel’s renowned ceiling, or count the swirling stars in Van Gogh’s [More]
It’s no secret that holidays are tough for military families. The months and years soldiers are gone drag on forever in their loved ones’ minds, especially when there are little ones involved. For the children of our country’s bravest men and women, deployment is hard to understand. What will they do when Christmas rolls around and Dad isn’t there? If Mom’s not home, who will they share their Halloween candy with? One three-year-old by the name of Bryson York knows that feeling all too well. Staff Sgt. John York is a Marine, and he’s also Bryson’s dad. The little guy [More]
There are plenty of people in the art world who blend traditional artistic methods with state-of-the-art digital animation, but there are relatively few who can create moving images without digital editing. But conceptual artist Thomas Medicus pulls it off perfectly. By creating hand-painted images, placing them behind refracted glass, and combining all of that work into one cube, he achieves a visual effect unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The material that he used to create this piece is stunning in its own right. Vimeo / Thomas Medicus Emergence Lab But what’s inside really sets it apart. Vimeo / Thomas Medicus [More]
Knowing only one language can really change the way you see the world, and it’s usually not for the better. While some take the easy approach and just assume that everyone speaks English, others feel a little embarrassed about not being able to understand people from around the world in their mother tongues. After all, there are few things more beautiful than language, the form and function of which reveal so much about the people who speak it. For those in the latter group who want to experience culture as authentically as possible, this device is about to shift your [More]
Not all people are into little dogs. Not all people are into big dogs. But all people are into adorable dogs. It’s basically science, and if you’ve spent more than 25 seconds on social media since the dawn of the Internet, you’ve probably noticed that the world can’t get enough of pomeranians and their bafflingly cute antics. Why? Well, it’s probably because they’re little puffballs from Heaven. When it comes to making people squeal inappropriately in public places, pomeranians are repeat offenders. 1. It’s a commonly known fact that the world becomes a significantly better place every time a pomeranian [More]
For thousands of artists, having stacks of paper on hand is essential, since it’s pretty easy to burn through hundreds of sheets before projects even get off the ground. But some creators center their careers around using standard materials in unconventional ways. Instead of using sheets of paper as canvases, a few artists out there have managed to rework this old standby into something totally new. And that’s where Beijing-based artist Li Hongbo comes in. You may not realize it yet, but you’ve probably seen his sculptural work before. Many of his collections have gone viral over the past few [More]
googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); Bob Dylan’s lyrical prowess has never been kept secret or overlooked, and the Nobel Committee just honored the prolific singer-songwriter with the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature. While the win has kicked up some controversy in literary circles, it’s easy to argue that Dylan’s songwriting stands at the helm of his success. Very few artists adjust to the ebb and flow of musical tides quite like he’s done since the early ’60s. Fewer still pen lines that never lose their consequence or relevance in changing times. His strange, relentless cadence is instantly recognizable. His iconic tracks [More]
If you made it through high school, you know that rumors and stereotypes cut deep. Thousands of students go home every day feeling depressed and downtrodden because of the way they’re treated by classmates. For bullies, everything from economic status to clothing choice is grounds for brutal harassment. That’s something one teen learned the hard way when people discovered that she was pregnant. The star student, who was always known for her intelligence, was cast further and further out by her peers as her belly continued to grow. People suddenly swore that they “knew it was coming,” and shamed her [More]