If you’ve left your house since winter’s arrived, you’ve probably seen shoddy attempts at window art using a textured, white medium playfully referred to as “snow paint.” While the stuff is usually reserved to half-hearted snowman paintings at grocery stores, there are a few people out there who really know what to do with it. The U.K.-based family man behind this incredible window art has a knack for creating gallery-worthy wintery scenes that will make failed grocery-store artists hang their heads in snowy shame. Snow Windows Snow Windows Snow Windows Snow Windows Snow Windows Snow Windows Snow Windows What’s even [More]
Anyone who’s ever visited a wildlife reserve knows that approaching the animals is generally frowned upon. Even if you’re a park ranger, you’d be ill-advised to waltz up to bears and wolves in an attempt to make friends. And moose have a particularly bad rap when it comes to spending time with humans. After all, these creatures are huge, and we probably shouldn’t bother them on their own turf. That’s what makes this relationship so special. One woman who works for the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center has formed a particularly strong bond with a moose that she’s known for many [More]
googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); As an artist myself, I’ve received quite a bit of flack from fellow artists because I tend to work in a more realistic style. And that’s nice and annoying, because it’s hard to do. The criticism stems from the fact that this approach apparently isn’t creative enough (to which I say SHOVE IT). My personal pettiness aside, however, I guess I can see where they’re coming from. For that reason, I want to introduce nay-sayers to an artist by the name of Howard Lee. He works in a hyperrealistic style, and I dare anyone to tell [More]
Have you ever watched “Flea Market Flip” on HGTV for hours on end and thought, “You know what? I can do that!” Same. And that bolstered sense of DIY prowess usually sends me on the hunt for something janky at the nearest flea market that I think I can bring back to life with skills that I most definitely don’t have. And you know how that usually ends? With a pile of broken furniture and a few hopes and dreams stuffed underneath. Fortunately, this crafter from Into the Dirtshop is about as skilled as it gets. He had three broken [More]
The universal appeal of music makes it one of the world’s most powerful art forms, and those who bring rows of little black notes to life are among the most gifted people on Earth. While some talent can be taught, most musicians are born with an innate capacity for playing in a way that really moves people. When it comes to this pianist, that couldn’t be more true. When you watch him play, you’ll first notice his skill. After that, however, you’ll see what makes this artist even more extraordinary. For artists who are born with a passion for creativity, [More]
“I’ve never had my ear licked before by an ocelot — first time for everything,” is one of the things that actually came out of Coyote Peterson’s mouth during a real-life encounter with a young jungle cat. While roaming around in the rainforests of Costa Rica doing things that someone named Coyote Peterson would definitely do, the adventurer and his companion were stopped in their tracks by a baby ocelot with seemingly insatiable bloodlust…or a strong desire to play with some weird-looking animals. Either one. While picking up wild animals with sharp teeth is never really a good idea, there’s [More]
googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); If you ask most people, they’ll tell you girls are supposed to like pink. They’ll say that girls are supposed to tick the boxes on their bucket lists next to “big white dress” and “fairy-tale wedding.” Girls are supposed to throw tea parties and dress dolls and giggle and cry and sit on the sidelines while boys score goals and go home covered in grass stains. And that’s where most people are totally wrong. In an effort to highlight the strength and joy that comes with playing “like a girl,” Always proves that those three words [More]
It’s probably safe to say that we all have a pretty good grasp on what makes our four-legged friends happy. And that’s because they make no secret of their enthusiasm when it’s time to eat or go for a long walk on a sunny day! The language barrier poses a problem, though. I mean, how much do we really know about what thrills our pets? That’s where the folks at Nikon come in. By strapping a Coolpix L31 camera to a precious pup by the name of Grizzler, they created a little window into the canine soul. This technology responds [More]
If you’re a graphic designer, you know that creating beautiful lettering is a tedious task. Anyone who’s ever taken a lettering course in college knows that becoming one with the alphabet is an absolute must if you plan on passing, and learning to bring letters to life is essential if you want to get hired later on. Some of the most recognizable logos in the world are feats of lettering magic. When you think of Coca-Cola, you undoubtedly envision swirling white text on a red background. When Google comes to mind, the brand’s classic font and primary colors occupy your [More]
You know what’s a gift to the universe? Ice cream. You know what else we should all feel blessed to eat? Bread. While neither of these foods are great for the waistline, you can’t really be sad while you’re indulging in either one of them. If you’re anything like me and believe that dreams are made of bread and ice cream, you’re going to want to sit down. That’s because this chef figured out how turn ice cream into bread (with the help of a little flour, of course). If that sounds like something that could drastically improve your quality [More]