If you’re a fan of genuinely creepy horror films, then you’ve probably heard about the upcoming movie from director Robert Eggers called The Witch. So far, the reviews for the film have been stellar, and audiences are delighted by the genuinely unnerving horror of The Witch. When the credits roll and the lights go up, most people believe that everything they saw was simply a work of fiction and they have nothing to worry about, right? Well, not so fast… This week, Eggers sat down to talk about his new film and exactly how he researched it. iStock As it [More]
The Brazilian wandering spider is one of the world’s deadliest arachnids. It also happens to be fairly aggressive and will go out of its way to bite you if you disturb it. The tarantula hawk — which is actually a wasp — is similar to the wandering spider in that they both deliver extremely painful bites/stings. Very rarely do the two ever meet, but anything is possible, and in the following video, these deadly creatures come across one another in the wild. Normally, tarantula hawks hunt tarantulas, so this one must have thought the Brazilian wandering spider would be as [More]
When it comes time to pick a vacation destination, you might say there are just too many places to choose from. Allow me to make a suggestion, though… Maybe instead of picking some place you’ll enjoy, choose a destination that will help you face your fears of jellyfish! I know, it sounds crazy, but just wait until I tell you about Jellyfish Lake, located on an uninhabited island just off the coast of Koror in Palau. On this small, rocky island is a saltwater lake that’s home to literally hundreds of thousands of jellyfish. Flickr / Stephen Masters Even more [More]
Picture this. You wake up on what seems like regular day. It’s a little cloudy, but that’s no big deal. You put the coffee on and take a stroll outside while it brews. When you get outside, you look up at the sky and notice something on a telephone pole nearby. Much to your horror, it looks like a massive group of spiders hanging out on an immense web. If this scenario sounds too far-fetched to be real, check out the video below. If you have even a slight fear of spiders, you might want to skip this one. (via [More]
Even though the price of oil and natural gas has hit a multi-year low, that doesn’t mean hydraulic fracturing (more commonly known as fracking) has stopped. For those who don’t know, fracking is a particularly destructive method of drilling for oil and natural gas. The complicated process tears through layers of rock to get at pockets of oil and gas by essentially creating small earthquakes that release the precious materials. While it’s a technological breakthrough, there are many aspects of fracking that are poorly understood and worse still, intentionally kept secret. There is also a growing body of evidence that [More]
googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); Can you imagine how horrible it must have been to live through the plagues in ancient Egypt? While they were all pretty bad, the worst one for me would have been the plague of locusts. If there’s one thing that I absolutely despise, it’s large amounts of swarming insects. Which is why I’m happy that I’m not a resident of Gimli, Manitoba, Canada this week. Their town has pretty much been taken over by a massive swarm of fish flies. While fish flies aren’t harmful, they can certainly create a mess if there’s enough of them. [More]
googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); If aliens with giant ships were actually invading planet Earth, you can be pretty darned sure you would hear about it within a matter of minutes (thanks, Twitter). With that in mind, anytime you see a video or a picture of a supposed UFO flying near planet Earth, just remember that it’s probably a hoax. Of course, even if it is a hoax, it can still be pretty cool to check out what others are presenting as “evidence.” Take, for example, the following (clearly fake) video of an alien “tripod” walking around the city of Novosibirsk [More]
As we’ve previously discussed, tarantulas, despite being pretty harmless, are still notoriously terrifying creatures. Even though they can bite humans, their bite isn’t able to do much damage. Still, most people would be frightened to come across one in their everyday lives. Well, please allow me to make your natural fear of tarantulas even worse. There are some species of tarantulas that can hiss by rubbing together the bristles on their legs. Usually, this noise is a defense mechanism, so if you happen to keep a tarantula as a pet and it starts making this noise when you get close, [More]
Jellyfish are right up there with wasps on the list of creatures that pretty much everyone hates. The difference with jellyfish, though, is that there are some subspecies whose stings can kill you almost instantly. (With a wasp sting, the only way one will kill you is if you’re deathly allergic.) So, just how much worse is a jellyfish sting than a wasp’s? Check out the video below demonstrating the impact a box jellyfish’s venom has on the heart of a toad. WARNING: the following video is definitely not for the faint of heart. Well that’s terrifying. What makes the [More]
Driving a boat is harder than it looks on TV or in the movies. Not only do you have to captain the vehicle, you also need to be paying attention to the radar and the radio so that you don’t crash into any nearby ships. You should be aware of the status of the mechanics, too, lest you stall out on the open sea. Crazy things can happen. When a small speedboat’s engine stalled off the New Jersey coast, the people on board found themselves right in the middle of a shipping lane with a humongous container ship bearing down [More]