googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); I love scary movies — and when I say love, I mean LOVE! I spend every October scaring myself silly…but even I’ve never seen anything quite like this motion test for the 2013 film “Mama.” I watched the movie a few years ago, and while it was entertaining, it wasn’t exactly memorable. Although it was produced by the legendary Guillermo del Toro, creator of “Pan’s Labyrinth,” the plot failed to deliver, in my opinion. However, this behind-the-screens motion test is a different story entirely. It’s going to be a long time before I can get these [More]
It’s a tale as old as the lottery itself: a down-on-their-luck person wins big and their life improves exponentially…for about a week. From then on, the people who win the lottery watch in horror as their lives come crashing down in smoldering heaps of gluttony, greed, and betrayal. YouTuber InterestingTop7s compiled a list of some of the unluckiest lottery winners in history. They quickly came to regret what they thought were the luckiest days of their lives. Why is it that 44 percent of people who score massive sums go broke within five years of winning? How can someone blow [More]
Most fairy tales have a dark and violent origin. Take, for example, the Children’s and Household Tales, a collection of German fairy tales first published in 1812 by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Most people know the collection as Grimms’ Fairy Tales and they were notoriously morbid. The Kolobok is small loaf of bread that comes to life and escapes the home of an elderly man and woman. The Kolobok meets various animals that try to eat it, but it escapes. The bread is known to sing, “I got away from Grandmother, I got away from Grandfather, and I will certainly [More]
What is it with ghosts haunting bars? It seems like half of the ghost stories I read about are set in bars and pubs. Perhaps it has something to do with bars being places of life, or maybe spirits are drawn to these haunts because of the sadness that drives people to barstools around the world. While it’s a common paranormal trend, it’s always terrifying. Take the footage below, for example. The owners of this bar in Moscow became concerned when they kept finding broken glass and toppled furniture every morning when they arrived at work. After they found bizarre [More]
googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.defineSlot(‘/37886402/VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’, [728, 90], ‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF_5812ba73c2840’).addService(googletag.pubads()) googletag.pubads().setTargeting(“NOVA_MB”, “VN_”); googletag.pubads().setTargeting(“NOVA_SC”, “VN_ORGN”); googletag.pubads().setTargeting(“NOVA_TS”, “TS_D”); googletag.pubads().setTargeting(“NOVA_AT”, “VN_ORGN_PG_D_REV_1.0_ASYNC_DEFAULT”); googletag.pubads().setTargeting(“NOVA_CC”, “VN_ORGN_D_UNK_118226_A”); googletag.pubads().setTargeting(“NOVA_PG”, “1”); googletag.enableServices(); googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF_5812ba73c2840’); }); In the United States, there are roughly 1,200 individuals serving life sentences for crimes they committed as children. For years, the Supreme Court debated the issue: Is it okay to put kids behind bars for life? In 2010, it was ruled unconstitutional to give kids life sentences unless the crime was murder. However, they did not demand immediate release for those already behind bars for non-homicidal crimes. Some of the people on this list are heinous murderers. Another made [More]
There’s nothing quite as horrid as waking up in the middle of the night with a massive cramp. The pain is intense, and the visual that comes along with it is never pleasant. Watching your muscles seize up is typically akin to watching alien nonsense happen in sci-fi flicks. And the video that this guy captured of his calf cramp is a doozy. He was out playing ultimate Frisbee, and when he got home, insanity ensued. (via Reddit) Someone get this dude a banana! A little potassium goes a long way, folks. Read more:
Over the years, Gary and Charlotte Chaney have danced into countless hearts across the country, since they’re two of the best jitterbug dancers in America. Back in 2010, they did something that surprised everyone at Chicago’s Windy City Jitterbug Club. Watch what happens in the middle of their routine! Since all three of these dancers are skilled performers, it probably wasn’t that difficult for the third person to hop in. That doesn’t make their routine any less impressive to the rest of us who have two left feet! Read more:
The last thing this man wanted to find while doing some yard work was a nasty serpent slithering out of a tree. Like Tim Curry’s pollution monster from “FernGully,” this snake emerges from its bark-covered prison, seemingly unaware of the fact that it’s missing half of its body (including its head). The language in this video is as colorful as you might expect, so consider yourself warned. Is this normal? I had no idea that this was even a thing. From now on, I’m just going to assume that every tree has a giant, headless snake living inside of it. [More]
Everyone has a theory about how the world is going to end. Will we fall at the hands of global warming? Nuclear war? Super volcanoes? Sinkholes? If you ask pharmaceutical scientists, they’ll probably tell you that the real destroyers might actually be antibiotics. Well, the antibiotics themselves won’t kill us…just the insane bacteria that they ultimately create. Let the people at Kurzgesagt explain our impending doom. It’s up to us to use antibiotics in ways that won’t make humanity come to a screeching halt like it did in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Either way, I wouldn’t be [More]
Have you ever stood in line and felt the unique wrath that comes along with being cut? Same. It’s the worst. But the way this guy retaliated against a woman’s questionable grasp on etiquette is a little ridiculous. Filmed by a security camera at the registration desk of a hospital in Yekaterinburg, Russia, this video shows the moment when a young woman forces her way to the front of a huge line. That’s when the man behind her seized the opportunity to exact some revenge by sneakily reaching into her bag and stealing 1,000 rubles (about $15). Two wrongs don’t [More]