Chances are, you have aluminum foil tucked away somewhere in your kitchen. You can use it to cook, clean, store food, and so much more. Any adult should honestly have some on-hand. Just in case you thought it was only used for wrapping up cold pizza, here are three unique ways to use aluminum foil you might not have thought of before. This is why everyone should have foil in their kitchen at all times. Thanks, foil! You’re the best. Read more:
Even if you were a popular kid that had to pretend not to care, let’s face it: we all loved science class. Even if the work was hard, on some level, it was great to spend an hour just messing around with beakers and graduated cylinders. In this classic science demonstration, the teacher filled soap bubbles with methane gas. And then lit them on fire while a student was holding them. This is both awesome…and probably dangerous. SCIENCE. IS. AWESOME. Methane gas is lighter than air, so when it fills the soap bubbles, they rise straight up into the air [More]
Most people may like to think they would be helpful in the event of an emergency… Unfortunately, though, there are times when disaster strikes and no one does anything. Usually, this isn’t a result of callousness, but diffusion of responsibility. This is a sociopsychological phenomenon where a person is less likely to take action or responsibility when others are present. If a pedestrian saw a person being attacked on the street, they may be hesitant to help because they believe “someone else will step in.” It’s a normal feeling, but it’s one we must fight…just like Santiago Portillo did. This [More]
The holidays are a wonderful — but trying — time of year for most families. Sure, you get to spend time with the people you love…but that also means a lot of stressing out, cooking, biting your tongue, and trying not to get into fights over how often to baste a turkey. The epic Holderness family has done it again and perfectly expressed our own thoughts and feelings via a hilarious mash-up video. Not only is this hilarious — it’s so, so true. Yep, this will definitely be on repeat. YouTube / The Holderness Family Read more:
Don’t let a nasty pizza stain on the carpet haunt you forever. Greasy food can leave some pretty weird marks on the carpet if you don’t clean up properly. Thankfully, the key to cleaning up a mess can be as simple as using one thing you’ll find in your kitchen: baking soda. There are a lot of amazing uses for baking soda, but this might be the most important (especially for messy eaters). Bottom line: don’t panic, don’t leave the stain, and remember to keep baking soda on hand. Read more:
Sherri, the owner of West Coast Animal Rescue, had been overwhelmed with stress for a while. Her passion was finding a home for dogs in need, but her animal rescue had been struggling. So, she planned to throw a huge adoption event, in hopes of finding forever homes for the dogs that had been at her shelter for a while. At the beginning of this video, she thought she was being shut down before the event could even happen — then, she was rescued herself! If you’d like to help out West Coast Animal Rescue and adopt any dogs yourself, [More]
This unique breed looks like an adorable sheep-horse hybrid — and it’s known as the curly horse. They’re called Bashkir Curlies, American Bashkir Curlies, and North American Curly Horses. What sets them apart from other horses is their adorably fuzzy and curly coat of hair. Hello, I’m fabulous. Curlies are known for being gentle and intelligent horses. Wikipedia They’re easily trained, have a tough constitution, and great stamina. There’s a range of curly coat styles… Flickr / gattou …from “minimal” to “extreme” (also known as OMG SO CUTE). It’s like a little, wooly lamb was combined with the cutest foal [More]
SPAZ, a Greek rescue organization, was alerted that a very sick stray dog was near Athens, Greece. The shepherd most likely was a sheep dog at one point, but now he was sick and struggling to survive on his own. It took a while to locate the dog once they arrived. When they saw him, their hearts broke. The dog was extremely fearful and refused to let the humans get close. Because of this, the rescuers had to lace food with tranquilizer. After an hour of tracking the dog, he finally laid down. Although he was still terrified, he didn’t [More]
At 2 years old, Nicolly Pereira never saw nor heard her mother. This toddler from Brazil was both deaf and blind. She was diagnosed with pediatric glaucoma after birth. The glaucomas in her eyes were so bad, she couldn’t even see light. Her mother was desperate to help her little girl. Nicolly received seven different surgeries in her home of Santa Catarina, Brazil, but they were unsuccessful. But then her mother, Daiana Pereira, posted Nicolly’s story on Facebook. It went viral…and eventually, a Facebook user from Miami contacted the Jackson Health Foundation’s International Kids Fund (Wonderfund) on behalf of Nicolly. [More]
Rob Lopez is a huge Star Wars fan. So, naturally, his son Sebastian is, as well. (And he loves Darth Vader.) One of the joys parents get to experience is having fun with their children. That’s why Rob and his wife (but mainly Rob) decided to see how their son would react if Darth Vader woke him up in the morning. Likelihood of traumatizing their son: ~15% YouTube But, I don’t know what’s better…this dad’s costume, or how his son reacted! Thankfully, their son proved that the Force is indeed with him (and Darth Vader is whipped). Read more: