If you meet a bear in the wild, odds are, you’re in for a bad time. Even if you stay safe by spraying it, yelling at it, running away, or playing dead, your day will be ruined. After all, bears are massive and dangerous creatures. This man in Russia, however, apparently didn’t get the memo about how dangerous they are. Watch as this bear handler cuddles and plays with a giant brown bear. He’s either brave, stupid, or extremely lucky! It would be so cool to interact with a giant predator like this…but also terrifying. So, if you see a [More]
Cutting up a watermelon takes some skill, but J. Pereira takes it to a whole new level. The YouTube creator is a master of carving fruit, and what he can do to a normal watermelon is mesmerizing. The process starts simply enough, by cutting into the flesh of the melon. But then? You’ll want to watch the whole video. And you thought that watermelons couldn’t be mesmerizing. Granted, if you’re just going to eat the melon yourself, you might just want to cut the thing into squares. Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/hypnotizing-watermelon-carving/
When buying new furniture, it’s easy to be dissuaded by a big price tag. Instead of being frightened away by the price and not having cool furniture at all, you can instead just make cool furniture with cheaper components! Chelsea Mason wanted a lofted bed frame for her bedroom, but didn’t want to shell out thousands of dollars. So, she bought a few shelves from IKEA and, with some elbow grease and creativity, built her own! This is how you get creative with IKEA furniture! Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/ikea-shelf-hack/
Most fairy tales have a dark and violent origin. Take, for example, the Children’s and Household Tales, a collection of German fairy tales first published in 1812 by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Most people know the collection as Grimms’ Fairy Tales and they were notoriously morbid. The Kolobok is small loaf of bread that comes to life and escapes the home of an elderly man and woman. The Kolobok meets various animals that try to eat it, but it escapes. The bread is known to sing, “I got away from Grandmother, I got away from Grandfather, and I will certainly [More]
Charlie the dog just loves his human family. Unfortunately, he can’t talk like his favorite two-legged people…but he does his very best to try! His attempts to talk just like people will have you in stitches. What a happy, albeit ridiculous, little pooch! Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/charlie-the-dog-conversation/
When Lacey Buchanan was pregnant, she had no idea what was in store for her. She was excited to know that she was pregnant and that she was having a boy. But, as her baby grew, something went wrong. Doctors weren’t sure what was happening to the small child inside of her… And many people suggested she abort the baby. But this mother refused to give up on her unborn child (grab your tissues). Once Christian was born, Lacey had to be even stronger. People would stare, ask questions, and judge her family without knowing the truth. One person even [More]
Chances are, you have aluminum foil tucked away somewhere in your kitchen. You can use it to cook, clean, store food, and so much more. Any adult should honestly have some on-hand. Just in case you thought it was only used for wrapping up cold pizza, here are three unique ways to use aluminum foil you might not have thought of before. This is why everyone should have foil in their kitchen at all times. Thanks, foil! You’re the best. Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/aluminum-foil-tricks/
Even if you were a popular kid that had to pretend not to care, let’s face it: we all loved science class. Even if the work was hard, on some level, it was great to spend an hour just messing around with beakers and graduated cylinders. In this classic science demonstration, the teacher filled soap bubbles with methane gas. And then lit them on fire while a student was holding them. This is both awesome…and probably dangerous. SCIENCE. IS. AWESOME. Methane gas is lighter than air, so when it fills the soap bubbles, they rise straight up into the air [More]
Most people may like to think they would be helpful in the event of an emergency… Unfortunately, though, there are times when disaster strikes and no one does anything. Usually, this isn’t a result of callousness, but diffusion of responsibility. This is a sociopsychological phenomenon where a person is less likely to take action or responsibility when others are present. If a pedestrian saw a person being attacked on the street, they may be hesitant to help because they believe “someone else will step in.” It’s a normal feeling, but it’s one we must fight…just like Santiago Portillo did. This [More]
The holidays are a wonderful — but trying — time of year for most families. Sure, you get to spend time with the people you love…but that also means a lot of stressing out, cooking, biting your tongue, and trying not to get into fights over how often to baste a turkey. The epic Holderness family has done it again and perfectly expressed our own thoughts and feelings via a hilarious mash-up video. Not only is this hilarious — it’s so, so true. Yep, this will definitely be on repeat. YouTube / The Holderness Family Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/ultimate-thanksgiving-mashup/