Knowing only one language can really change the way you see the world, and it’s usually not for the better. While some take the easy approach and just assume that everyone speaks English, others feel a little embarrassed about not being able to understand people from around the world in their mother tongues. After all, there are few things more beautiful than language, the form and function of which reveal so much about the people who speak it. For those in the latter group who want to experience culture as authentically as possible, this device is about to shift your [More]
Over the years, scientists have come to discover that Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it stands today isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Just last week, we learned that robots aren’t always the friendliest to their human counterparts, but what happens when you leave two AI bots in the same room? googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); Researchers from Cornell University’s Creative Machine Lab decided to test that scenario. After trudging through some identity crises, the bots tried to tackle philosophy. Let me be the first to tell you that these chatbots certainly weren’t afraid to get sassy. These are pretty much [More]
For thousands of artists, having stacks of paper on hand is essential, since it’s pretty easy to burn through hundreds of sheets before projects even get off the ground. But some creators center their careers around using standard materials in unconventional ways. Instead of using sheets of paper as canvases, a few artists out there have managed to rework this old standby into something totally new. And that’s where Beijing-based artist Li Hongbo comes in. You may not realize it yet, but you’ve probably seen his sculptural work before. Many of his collections have gone viral over the past few [More]
It’s something that affects 60 to 80% of the U.S. adult population…lower back pain. Treatment for some is as simple as getting a new mattress or exercising more, but for others, there’s a need to get surgery or costly massages. If normal remedies haven’t worked for you, you might want to give this little trick a try. Grab a tennis ball and watch Manu Kalia, a physical therapist, walk you through a simple exercise for lower back pain. Here’s another quick stretch routine. You’d be surprised at how massaging your butt can affect your lower back. Everything in your body [More]
There’s nothing quite as horrid as waking up in the middle of the night with a massive cramp. The pain is intense, and the visual that comes along with it is never pleasant. Watching your muscles seize up is typically akin to watching alien nonsense happen in sci-fi flicks. And the video that this guy captured of his calf cramp is a doozy. He was out playing ultimate Frisbee, and when he got home, insanity ensued. (via Reddit) Someone get this dude a banana! A little potassium goes a long way, folks. Read more:
People have a strange habit of wanting to adopt wild animals as pets. The more exotic the animal, the bigger the status symbol it is. Sadly, though, they have little regard for the creature’s needs or the manner in which they are meant to grow up. This orangutan was taken from her mother so she could be a pet. Little did the owner know, this would put a severe amount of stress on the baby ape. They have some of the highest rates of dependency on their mothers of any animals in the kingdom. This is because they need to [More]
At this point, you might think you’ve read all the life hacks this world has to offer… There are the general, genius ones, the hacks specifically for the kitchen, the clever cleaning tricks…we could go on for days. But even we were pretty impressed by how simple these ten tips were when we came across them…how did we not know about these? Whether you’re looking for an easy way to fall asleep fast or an all-natural remedy to reducing acne, read on to find some answers to life’s little annoyances. 1. Blink fast for a minute to make your eyes [More]
Everyone has a theory about how the world is going to end. Will we fall at the hands of global warming? Nuclear war? Super volcanoes? Sinkholes? If you ask pharmaceutical scientists, they’ll probably tell you that the real destroyers might actually be antibiotics. Well, the antibiotics themselves won’t kill us…just the insane bacteria that they ultimately create. Let the people at Kurzgesagt explain our impending doom. It’s up to us to use antibiotics in ways that won’t make humanity come to a screeching halt like it did in Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Either way, I wouldn’t be [More]
You’ve probably heard of self-driving cars, however, the high-tech vehicles are still in the testing stage. But what Elon Musk’s new Tesla models can do is entirely real and 100% awesome. Musk has been at the forefront of many business ventures that are designed to push the boundaries of what we thought was possible, but his next update to the motor-vehicle world will absolutely shock you. Tesla cars are now being equipped with autopilot options that allow the driver to take their hands off the wheel and pedals. The car will drive itself. Don’t believe us? Watch as Alex from [More]
Mercury, as we all know, doesn’t do great things to the human body. Enough exposure to the substance can cause some serious damage, which makes it all the more shocking that an artist in Barcelona decided to construct this breathtaking fountain. While it looks pretty normal at first, this thing spews out liquid mercury. (source: mercuremiro) That really is some fine engineering work. The fountain is fortunately housed behind some thick glass to prevent the fumes from killing passersby. Read more: