Three-year-old Claire loves The Little Mermaid. So much so, she is constantly singing the songs from the Disney classic. Her dad thought it was just about the cutest thing ever and decided to put together this video of his little girl singing “Part of Your World.” It’s a song that is by no means easy to sing, but the adorable little munchkin nails it with perfect pitch and so much emotion. Admit it, that was just about the most adorable thing you’ve ever heard or seen! So much innocent joy combined with budding talent and wonder. Read more:
When an international version of The Voice welcomed this quiet girl onstage, no one knew what to expect. She was very young and clearly very nervous. Anything could have happened. Once the music started, though, something clicked. She started singing in the most beautiful voice imaginable. She brought tears to her family’s eyes and won over the judges almost instantly. You might not understand her language or style of song, but you can’t deny her talent. WOW. This little girl was given the chance to do something incredible… and she delivered in a big, big way. Congrats! Read more:
A few years ago, during Disability Awareness Day, a young autistic man got a case of the giggles while singing the National Anthem at Fenway Park in Boston. His nerves sadly got the better of him, and as he began to trip-up half way through the song, the crowd did something incredible to encourage him. See what that Fenway Faithful did in the video below: Boston Red Sox fans are given plenty of grief by other baseball fans, but what an incredibly classy move by them here. That was the most magical rendition of the Star Spangled Banner that I’ve [More]
Up a creek without a paddle, this adorable little girl and her doggy best friend had to get creative when boredom struck them one afternoon. Finding an empty box just lying around the house, these two hopped inside and silliness ensued. The precious pirates began sailing the seven seas, while singing that sea-faring classic, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); You’ve never heard this childhood classic quite like this. It never ceases to amaze me how kids can do just about anything and look so stinkin’ cute. If I did this, I’d get more than a few [More]
googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); With all of the rising hatred around the world right now, it feels impossible to relate to other people. If the comments sections on social media posts are any indication of how people really feel about each other, then it seems like we are doomed to experience fewer and fewer meaningful human connections until we separate ourselves completely. But as the people of Choir! Choir! Choir! demonstrate, sometimes the only thing you need to connect with other people is a common interest, like singing your heart out in unison. In 2011, Daveed Goldman and Nobu Adilman [More]
Years ago, when Richard and Sara first started seeing each other, he drunkenly made her a promise that he would write and sing her a song on their wedding day. Well that day finally came, and as Richard says, what’s a man if he isn’t as good as his word? For the song, he decided to go with ‘Half The World Away’ by Oasis; but as he had promised all those years ago, the lyrics had to be completely his own. Watch as he breaks out into song at the end of his speech, putting a huge smile onto his [More]
Bar Mitzvahs are extremely important ceremonies for people in the Jewish community. They signal a child’s transition into young adulthood, and the celebrations that go along with them are often vibrant, joyous occasions. And the video below is proof of that. When these guys were asked to sing a song at one boy’s Bar Mitzvah, something incredible happened. You might not understand what they’re saying, but their passion will move you. Source: This stunning choir performance will leave you amazed! by shiezoli on Rumble If you want to see more from this talented bunch, check out a few more performances. [More]
While I can’t remember what it felt like when I’d finally learned the entire alphabet, I imagine inside I was doing a little dance. But Violet Ogea apparently doesn’t really like to keep any of her joy or pride bottled up. The two-year-old is from Louisiana and loves to sing more than anything else. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); }); When you watch how passionately she belts out her ABCs, you’ll understand just how true that statement really is. Bravo, bravo! Transcendent. Inspirational! If you’d like to watch this little rockstar-in-the-making grow up, you can follow her on Facebook or check out [More]
googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); If you’ve ever watched singing competitions on TV, then you know that people can surprise you with their singing voices. Sure, sometimes it’s the kind of surprise that threatens to damage your eardrums, but other times, the sound of their singing is so incredible that it leaves you feeling completely stunned. This season’s celebrity judges on “The Voice” had such an experience when they heard 17-year-old Wé McDonald begin to sing. Her performance was so amazing, in fact, that she got all of them to spin their chairs for her. But when she began speaking to [More]
Katriona Dean had no idea what magic she was in for when she placed her piano “Foxgang Amadeus” onto the streets of Cobourg, Ontario for anyone to play. The moment when an elderly stranger sat down at the piano and started playing she just knew something beautiful was about to happen. So, she started filming, and oh boy was she right. The elderly gentleman, Michael McNamara, started covering Say Something by A Great Big World, and not only was he a good piano player, but a brilliant singer too. You just have to watch this to witness the magic for [More]