The brain teaser is going to present you with a few simple things, like words and colors — things we thought we’d mastered back in kindergarten. All you have to do is name the colors of the words as they pop up onto the screen. Easy, right? Well, not necessarily. There’s a twist in here that will really put your mind to the test. How strong is your brain? If you didn’t do so well the first time, take a minute to focus and try again! Read more:
It’s no wonder our energy bills skyrocket during the winter. We’re inside more, which means we’re cranking the thermostat way up. While you could sacrifice your comfort to save some money, who wants to be dressed in layers of sweaters and coats when you’re inside? Not us! In an effort to avoid this, one man shares his money-saving secret for winter heating. All you need is some window tint! That’s right. Tint your home windows. YouTube / Gila Window Film It seems simple, but using window film can regulate heat like a boss. While it almost seems too good to [More]
For Meme the dog, getting food isn’t a problem. Because no matter what his family does to prevent him from opening the containers, he’s able to figure out a way to reach his goal. Not quite understanding how he was problem solving so well, though, his family finally decided to set up a camera to catch him in the act. The result is an astonishing video proving Meme just might be the smartest dog around…and the hungriest! In less than 30 seconds Meme finds a way to open a “dog-proof container.” I wonder…can we get a refund? Read more: