!/TXCraig88/status/475401358208950272 Rocker Chris Daughtry has filmed a heartfelt apology for walking off stage Friday from “FOX & Friends,” saying he was “off the clock” and apparently refusing to play a patriotic sing-along for the crowd in honor of D-Day. In the video, Daughtry says he was unprepared and caught by surprise by the request and panicked. “It was absolutely disrespectful,” he says, adding, “the worst part of all, I didn’t honor our troops, I didn’t honor our vets who so deserve it.”!/CHRIS_Daughtry/status/475396951505006592!/NadiaR13/status/475398333049995264!/alycou22/status/475399099139624961!/BonJulie1/status/475399243180802049!/Hybridstaind/status/475399952227917824!/staatsie12/status/475400657223303168!/Dragonflylady06/status/475401131728703488!/silverado2448/status/475403127248936962 Related: ‘No longer a fan’: Viewers angered after singer Chris Daughtry goes [More]
Six and a half years ago U.K. film student Rebecca Brown began a selfie-a-day project documenting her life. Brown who is now 21, started the project in 2007 when she was 14 years old. She’s now compiled the roughly 2100 pictures into a video on her Youtube channel. The video documents her battle with depression, anxiety, and an impulse control disorder, a form of OCD, known as trichotillomania. Trichotillomania is a unique disorder that causes a person to pull out their own hair when anxious. Brown says that the project is ongoing and she plans to continue it as long [More]
Cats are one of the great joys in life (and on the Internet). You may have seen every funny cat video out there from angry kittens to excitable balls of fluff, but unless you’ve seen cats trying to walk around in socks, you haven’t truly lived. And even if you have seen cats in socks, a compilation of many cats in many socks is a laugh-out-loud funny way to remind yourself just how much you love your furry friends. I dare you to try to keep a straight face while these kitties try to figure out how their feet work [More]
6 years ago YouTube user JaGe090879 added a video of hundreds of ants eating a whole gecko in just a few hours. That video has now gotten nearly 8 million views. But that video begged the question, what would it look like in reverse? With the ants seemingly building a gecko out of thin air. Here’s the reverse video in all its creepy glory: It looks like those little guys could really benefit from a project manager. They were all over each other, easily twice the amount of workers needed. Source: JaGe090879 Share this video with your friends below, and creep them out. Read [More]!/Nayrue/status/494604134973075458 On his MSNBC show today, Ed Schultz leaned forward to give President Obama a bit of advice:!/FreeBeacon/status/494599922143219712 You have to see this one to believe it (video via Washington Free Beacon): Oh my.!/TheRickWilson/status/494602137398423552!/BecketAdams/status/494602333071081473!/back_ttys/status/494603637973614592 Read more:
When I finish a bottle of wine, the only thing on my mind is finding the time to go to the liquor store and buy more. One thing I’ve never quite understood about some of my fellow winos is their obsession with saving the corks. Besides using them as a reminder that you might want to seek professional help or as an element in some pretty amazing crafts, I’ve been unable to find a practical use for the little things…until now, that is. Thanks to the brilliant minds over at 5-Minute Crafts, my wine cork dreams have been answered. These [More]
googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); 2016 has been a rough year for all of us. It seems like every day, some new upsetting, bizarre, or world-shattering thing happens, and sometimes, you can’t help but lose hope. No matter your political beliefs, you might feel like no one in the government is truly standing up for the good in the world. This video of John Lennon speaking decades ago about the “insane people” who run the world is a good reminder that this feeling isn’t new. Read More: 13 Nazi Propaganda Pieces That Showcase Just How Twisted Hitler And His Followers Were [More]!/guypbenson/status/444565234192490496 This video doesn’t last much longer than a minute, but if there’s any justice in the world, these words will haunt the Obama administration for many, many years to come:!/therealAZ2/status/444568944741847040 We’re certainly lost for words. Guess these ones will have to suffice:!/RBPundit/status/444571073468964865!/BradySprague/status/444572258246602753 What an absolute disgrace. *** Related: ‘We were right, jerks!’ Obama admitting O-care lie ‘deserves more retweets than Ellen’s Oscars selfie’  Read more:
When Dan Dunbar took his boat out near Nanoose Bay in British Columbia, he was probably hoping for a very different catch of the day. Instead of reeling in a fish or two, Dunbar looked out and noticed a bald eagle barely treading water. He wasn’t sure exactly how to help it, but while he considered his options he pulled out his camera and started rolling. Eagles are usually excellent swimmers, but this little guy was clearly struggling. YouTube The bird made its way closer to the boat, but drifted away before Dunbar could get near enough with his net. YouTube So he [More]
Man, if Alex Sink were a Republican she'd be an world of hurt right now. Thankfully for her she wields the magic "D" so….no biggie. — Drew McCoy (@DrewMTips) February 25, 2014 Ah, yes. That trusty “D” can work wonders. But is it enough to help Florida Democratic congressional candidate — and failed gubernatorial hopeful — Alex Sink weather this little storm? Speaking earlier today at a debate on immigration reform, Sink, well, sunk: VIDEO: Florida Dem: Without Immigration Reform, Where Will We Get our Landscapers and Maids? — Free Beacon (@FreeBeacon) February 25, 2014 Let’s go to the [More]