While out kayaking in the sea near Puerto Madryn in Argentina, these two got the surprise (and footage) of a lifetime. After this father and daughter had approached a couple of Right Whales out in the bay, one of the whales wanted to get a closer look. He swam right underneath them and then surfaced. The duo was about to get the ride of a lifetime. Excited, yet obviously startled, the father and daughter kayakers were stranded for a little while atop the massive whale’s back. It wasn’t long before he dove again, lowering the kayakers back into the water. [More]
Orca whales are very curious creatures. They often, especially the young ones, like to get dangerously close to humans who are in boats or out for a swim. Or as in the video below, they sometimes like to approach paddle boarders. It’s likely that when they get too close, they just want to say hello, but the experience can still be harrowing — they are called killer whales, after all. Luckily, this paddle boarder had his GoPro running during the encounter so we can relive the terror with him firsthand. I don’t know about him, but if that had happened [More]
Of all the bizarre get-rich-quick schemes floating around out there, this one is probably the weirdest. And that’s because it has to do with selling vomit. While strolling on the beach in Lancashire, England, recently, one lucky guy by the name of Ken Wilman stumbled across what he thought was a large stone. Much to his surprise, however, it was actually a chunk of whale puke. Take a look at this video to learn about why someone just offered the man £50,000 for it. You never know when a big pile of money is going to fall into your lap. [More]
While on a whale watching trip off Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, a group of tourists managed to witness an incredible sight. It happened after a friendly seal swam up to their boat, something that is quite common during marine life tours, but what left them stunned with amazement is what the seal decided to do all of a sudden. The playful little guy went for a ride on the back of a whale, using his massive body as a real, live surfboard! Seems like he’s having a whale of a time. Definitely gets my seal of approval. Sorry, had to say [More]
Tourists visiting Australia can find success where the legendary Captain Ahab failed. Just be sure to leave your harpoons at home. This albino humpback whale, named Migaloo (meaning “white fella” in the Mayi-Katuna language), shows up every year during his winter migration up the east coast. And this great white whale isn’t as shy as his literary counterpart. Migaloo, Australia’s own Moby Dick. RedBubble Tourists frequently take boats out to catch a glimpse this time of year. RedBubble And Migaloo is usually happy to show off for his fans! RedBubble H/T: IFL Science. The big guy even has his own iTunes and Twitter accounts! Check [More]