The Best Science-Based Push Workout: Chest, Shoulders & Triceps (Science Applied Ep. 1)

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What's This?

Welcome to the new Science Applied series!!

My Chest Hypertrophy Program:

My Shoulder Hypertrophy Program (Men’s):

My Shoulder Hypertrophy Program (Women’s):

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Scientific References:


GET MASS (Research Review):


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‣ Ryan Little – Day 1
‣ Ryan Little – Day 25


This video was edited by me using Final Cut Pro X


I’m 5’5, 177 lbs

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B Smalls says:

Sorry, but can someone explain to me exactly what he means by "we'll be leaving 2-3 reps in the tank so that will be an (RPE?) of 7-8?" & "Increase reps until you get to the top end of that 4-6 rep zone for all four sets." I love the video and want to get the most out of it. Maybe the wording is just throwing me off a bit. Please and thank you. Great video!

Bastian Heuer says:

As great as always keep that mashine running 👍🏽
However what do I do if im „upper“ pecs are lacking? Im doing an 44degree incline instead of a normal bench press.

buletwulf says:

Great stuff as always man! Dropping diamonds for us!

Aesthetic Laraki says:

I gained 4lbs since I discovered your channel ! thank you

tankata2 says:

can anyone help, when i was younger i broke my left wrist twice and now that ive been going to the gym when i do alot of bench my left wrist starts giving out and the bar starts leaning. Also my left wrist sometimes gives out during curling excercies. How can i strengthen it?

Flexthetix says:

Quality material mate 👍👍

TheSmooth says:

The genuine informative nature of Jeffs vids is such a breathe of fresh air. I feel like he's 100% dedicated to making lifting and healthiness more efficient of all of us. Big love Jeff.

Hendrix Walters says:

Looking forward to the pull and leg day science applied

Hendrix Walters says:

Great content Jeff. I will be using for push days

Gerald Nerry T. CEPE says:

Is it okay to add dumbbell incline presses here? Not much chest pressing in the workout IMO. Do you think its necessary?

PG productions HD says:

"The horizontal bench press"

tlbrpz says:

Nice job, with good edit ! Thanks
Can't believe how short your radius is though !

Thukuntla Saketh says:

Fuckin awesome man it helps a lot for all. Hope u ready with pull episode

Borislav Kavalov says:

How good is push-pull-legs for a 3 days a week split?

Mr Dr clark says:

Excellent video! Can't wait for pull science applied👊💪

Ker Tshing says:

Thanks Jeff, love it so much !

omoshioine says:

great new series. push, pull, legs split works good for me too!

j hovsepian says:

Great to have an intellectual fitness youtuber. I feel as if my mind is rotting listening to these other blockheads. Thank you for the thoughtful content, Jeff!

Justin Cook says:

Could the videos in this series end with a quick text list overlay of the exercises, reps, and sets you mentioned? Great video and information. Thanks!

Blobble says:

upper chest shrugs give them a try

Aaron Park says:

pec fly isn't really a push movement. neither side lateral raise. correct me if I'm wrong.

misukiy Lambertson says:

I can't believe how long it took me to realize that push pull legs is awful for natural lifters who wanna "power build."

axel castellanos says:

Jeff what do you think of barbell bench press vs dumbbell bench press?

Dalvin says:

Do science explained in DUP or daily undulizing periodization

John Whitman says:

The Canadian "boarrow" got me.

Sentimental says:

Jeff, the quality of your videos (expertise/knowledge, production, etc.) is overall one of the best on Youtube, definitely rivaling Athlean-X (and I do NOT say that lightly!!!) Keep up the good stuff man 👍 I started lifting 7 months ago and your videos have really been helping me a ton

Dominic Cruz says:

I love this video!! Might switch up my PPL program to one more similar to yours once I make more progress. Hopefully you can finish this series soon, I love PPL splits!

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