“THE HALLOWEEN QUESTS” | C.A.T.S: Crash Arena Turbo Stars [MUST WATCH]

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What's This?

So This the Gameplay of The Halloween Quests of Crash Arena Turbo Stars. Hope You Guys enjoyed the Video. Stay Tuned for More Videos Daily.
▼open for more informations▼

►Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-vLe8_VdMFqrfnpKFCP1VQ?sub_confirmation=1

►Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/furyofawesomeness

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Alex_Louisgi YT says:

Don’t Click Read More


Super Gamer MTT says:

There is a sip button before u battle

ICure_ says:

if you are pay 2 win player you can easily get 70% of the event …..

Shahzad Saroya says:

I have a 31 win streak because I never lost

L4nc34L0t says:

wuts the music?

Roronoa Zoro says:

Bro i dont know why when i started halloween quest i already had 25 win streak yes 25 i earned 8000 candies sooooo easily is this a glitch?

White_Storm_ Craft says:

My friend in my school is hack CATS with Game guardian its work

yahir corona says:

Llevo racha de 37

Данил Волков says:

абнова только вчера вышла а ты уже видосик сделал. харошь

Felipe Souza says:

Qual o nome da musica

Klazik Ancheta says:

Im at 3000 candies so far and inlost my 24 wij streak

Harriet Mugambe says:

Nice vIdeo dude keep it up I did want to record this but my recorder crashed on me I have 2500 candies roght now how many do you have right now

Defiantly recommand this cause I got the Lifter Before I could get it in Standerd Boxes(Lifter Unlocks at Prestige 4 and im only Prestige 1) so this helped also with that it had 100 to Double Rocket and it helped me Instant promote and yeah You can Get more cool stuff from it so try it yourself

Dragon King says:

The Hallowen event is awesome

game world says:

Show as more machine to use in this game

AceVs Arcade says:

i already got the skeleton custom and its cool

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