The Most Scientific Way to Train Your BACK In 2018 | Training Science Explained

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This video was edited by Jeff Nippard and Rashaun R using Final Cut Pro X


I’m 5’5, 173 lbs. My form was sloppy in this video. I was sick while recording this workout and didn’t want to drop my weights back too much, but re-watching some of this footage, I think I should have. Anyway, enjoy!

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parth patel says:

Please make video on Rest day or recovery day or cardio science explain

Stu Walker says:

Great info with a Scientific Base to BACK ! 🙈 it up 👌

Jakob Buche says:

Love the effort and the quality of these videos.

Julio César says:

Hello Jeff awesome video!, Which bibliography or books do you recommend to learn about the types of fibers in the muscles (like in 7:44 but applied in general)?

Daniel Holt says:

One way to activate the lats I just thought of is to do explosive reps of 115 pounds on each first set as many times as possible on bench press. This may also activate the chest more. 115 is the sweet spot in beginning explosive movement on bench press. Advanced guys may want to go back to this because on a wide scale many assistor muscles on this compound movement may have been passed up and aren't utilized. I haven't done this in over 5 years, when I was significantly stronger, but I will try it again in the next set of routines. I want to transfer all of my movements to explosive for a period of time in the near future.

A period of doing this each bench press routine may want to be done for a longer cycle until the person reaches a new plateau in reps, speed, force, and control of weight. Explosive means as fast as possible using as much flexed muscle and using as much power as possible on both descent and ascent with full control of weight on both. A very firm hard grip (when I'm more adapted to this I can literally rip someone's throat and intestines out of their body). As fast as possible, so speed of each repetition is key to develop towards.

Tempo on descent and ascent, essentric and concentric, should be exactly the same. I've done it powerlifting form, but it can also be done in flat bench with chest flaired out, slight arch but full range of descent is still there, and elbows closer to lats bringing bar down to sternum to take a lot of shoulders out of the movement and incorporate a lot more lats into the movement. Powerlifting bench press with proper form also uses a lot more lats. A good post bench lift to add afterwards to pair with it is reverse bench press.

chineseboy3281 says:


1rickopotamus says:

Wait you didnt even talk about rowing to waist as opposed to rowing to sternum and benefits of rowing to different areas

Max Simon says:

The only reason this guy looks big is because he is short. Why the fuck would someone ever need so much complexity for the back

Mihail Penevv says:

You make the best videos man, always learn so much… thank you!!!

Raveennath Imbulana says:

Video is very helpful. Amazing work!

Ago says:

dumbbell rows are hard to do in fluff nd puff gyms but hardcore ones have dumbbells heavier than 225lbs/100kg+ easily.

Shakti Sharma says:

Amazing editing bro up to the point 👍👌 and happy New year!!! @jeff nippard

Parsons says:

When you’re binge watching Jeff’s videos and he suddenly uploads Back. Praise the Iron Lords god bless you Jeff.

Dima Kot says:

Doug Brignole was the first man who talked about one arm lat pull-ins, and this is not about the mind muscle connection, it is related to the direction of the lat muscle fibers and direction of resistance.

Lukasz Rytkowski says:

Love these vids.. Great source of information. Huge props to you Jeff on taking your time and preparing everything. All the best in 2018 to you and Steffanie..

Marshall Lore II says:

I think shoulder extension is superior to shoulder adduction for building the lats. Firstly, it's a more natural motion and secondly you can go heavier. Dorian Yates for example didn't do many vertical pulls and he arguably had one of the greatest backs of all time, including his lats.

Jeroen Meert says:

Another function of the lat dorsi is rotation of the vertabrae, so to include one single arm rowing exercise is good idea in my opinion!

Jhon John Jon Jon Doe says:

I like how you lift with a sweat shirt on sometimes not feeling like you have to show off in a stringer like other lifters. I also do the same but mostly mine is a thermal under my white T.

Dom Brady says:

Impressive content 💪

Mark Botello says:

Wow!!! So much info. I think my brain is leaking…

mahmoud moustafa Ahmed says:

awesome way to Train MYBACK

Sachi Hata says:


Dan Lane says:

Great video Jeff

Josh Varthalitis says:

Always enjoy these ones. Aside from the great content, the editing is sick :) Kudos!

Josh Froscheiser says:

On week 5 of the chest program and was reeeally hoping there would be a back program to follow it up with by the time I finish… and it arrives!!! You rock dude!

Gabe Nir says:

Wow! Never have I ever learned so much all under 15 mins until watching this excellent content video. Keep it up, Jeff!

Austin Wang says:

Been following you for a while now and it's really dope to see the evolution of the channel and you as a YouTuber. Thanks for making working out much more scientific and cool! 👊

Xuepeng Peng says:

too much info so gotta pause and take notes.

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