The Physics of The Flash’s Infinite Mass Punch! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

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What's This?

We’ve looked at the Flash’s cognitive abilities, but now it’s time to look at one of his most famous moves: the INFINITE MASS PUNCH. Kyle does the infinite calculations on this week’s Because Science!

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Artist: Andrew Bowser

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Justin Stalnaker says:

Loved it. I love when comic book science is backed up or even disproven.

Quincy says:

So flash can punch as hard as One punch man
Both cause a blackhole/big bang

Lone Sock says:

in the Sonic SATAM cartoon, Robotnik uses a robotisizer to turn living
Mobians into midnless drones… Is that possible?

Efren Chen says:

In the CW show for flash, everyone should be dead when Barry moves them away at super speed. The body is accelerated at an extreme rate, so their brains would be goop. Right?

OCSleazy says:

So, a spaceship can never reach lightspeed because its mass will reach towards infinity and implode in itself. Assuming all the usual stuff like the ship can withstand the speed, inertia systems, etc. Then a physical ship seems improbable to ever build cause of this factor then would it be wiser to find a way to bend space and time to create worm holes or teleport if we ever want to explore the galaxy.

blash says:

No After credit scene? I was enjoying those. :/

52 Studios says:

That acronym!!!! I.M.P.A.C.T.

Aashish Pokharel says:

IMPACT. See science is cool.

xMckingwill says:

y not just black hole punch, or event horizon punch?


what the flash did in the human race issue is that possible??

Doomedlion says:

When you want to do something cool but a black hole appears every time.

Tim Streker says:

I may have been a little rude in your presentation of some willy wonka video, but this one is fuckin awesome. Have to give credit where credit is due. This one was my favorite one yet.

John Nealis says:

I wonder if hes really good at writing backwards or if they flip the footage

eh dollet says:

I.M.P.A.C.T That is amazing xD

mowhawkarrows says:

"… It would mean a black hole and spagetification for all of his loved ones, but again that's fine"

Chris Blake says:

Superman's touch telekinesis would protect her though, it's also how he can lift a plane without it crumpling around his body. It's even how superman flies!

The more you know.

Edit: that being said… how does touch telekinesis work?

SuperShanko says:

So how much force would Superman (specifically in MOS) would he have needed to super jump? Like when he was trying to fly, how much power was he using to get so high up?

Carlos Morales says:

near infinite mass impact?

Malicious Hero says:

"Infinite Mass Punch" sounds a lot better than "Almost Infinite Mass Punch".

technoster 011 says:

cool but how is his body able to survive moving that fast?

imkluu says:

Near Infinite Mass Punch.

Sevillian16 says:

How tough is Sonic the Hedgehog if he can take out tank like robots by throwing his body at them? How much strength would it take to be able to knock cars over and crush pillars of ice by practically running through them?

Sceptical Sans says:

IMPact!!! I love it!

Malik Johnson says:

wen the blak hole created, yah go c superman fly in n hold it in his hand while batman behind a rock a hide

Simon Shephard says:

Just want to ask,when was the last time you cut your hair?I mean,your hair's length perfectly reflects the number of episodes.

striderifly says:

The human eye sees more than 60 fps

steel bear slayer says:

but he wouldn't even need infinite mass if he is going to go at that speed to reach white dwarf levels just punch with the
mass of his fist but at near infinite velocity so no black hole he could just punch him at 99.googlplexianth to the power of Googlplexianth times 999 so instant k.o and instant atomization

S3RENITY says:

Wally? Isn't that his step brother? How does he have the speed force?
I'm running off of the show.

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