The Ultimatum Game | The Science of Empathy

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What's This?

Julian is back with an all new season of The Science of Empathy! Twenty dollars is a lot of money…well, maybe not that much. But how much of that money would you be willing to share with another person? How would they feel if they were your spouse, cousin or maybe even a total stranger? On the premiere episode of The Science of Empathy, we investigate the ability to feel what others are feeling with a little game. We gathered strangers, couples, friends, and family alike for our premiere experiment in the Science of Empathy. What cut of the twenty dollars would you give away, when you consider someone else’s feelings?

For further reading about the ultimatum game:

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Kristine S says:

LOVED this!

B. Christine says:

The Libra is always about balance 🤗

Big Bang says:

We all are born with insecurities , when some mirror it and show some care about it….that's EMPATHY

Hale' Kelsey says:


Sonja Simmonds says:

What happened too equal shares?

HipsterTRAsh says:

I dont think this is about empathy and more whats the least amount i can give this person so i dont lose the money so really its self preservation

Dal Jaam says:

I really learned something insteresting today!

Sesto194 says:

why wouldn't you accept the money? 5 bucks are better than nothing

Sesto194 says:

with those ears he should watch out that he doesn't float away

Fade Away says:

I'm really suprised more people didn't just give 10 dollars it seems like the most straight forward thing to do.

Anton Savellano says:


guywittamic says:

That younger married couple though!!! So sweet!

Ibno Zizou says:

Well to be fair, Julian is not 100% correct with his definition! You don't feel with someone else when you have empathy!
Empathy : being able to understand the other parts feelings!
Sympathy : actually being emotionally affected and feeling the full or a fraction of the other parts feelings!

I have done a study with all I know, and this generalisation is probably true for your friends/families too:
Females crave more to be sympathised with, from their male partners, that's why it's hard to always describe what one wants! They want to be understood (emotionally)

Males wants to be emphasized with, they want their thoughts, theories and ideas to be acknowledged by the other! They want to be understood (mindset wise)

I don't have any gay friends heh!

Philip Gipson says:

What a really cool episode of "The Science of Empathy."

Elisabeth Thomas says:

This is so awesome. 😄❤

Gerardo Aguilera says:


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