The ways of the truly disturbed!! (Race to the Edge Humor)

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What's This?

Watch in HD and again you’ll need earphones 😀

Weeeee, another humor video!
I enjoy making these, I enjoy making these a lot actually! They are very fun!
And I think that this time I did a better job with the voiceovers, they sound better to me, still though, I made it so I can’t tell really :”D

I hope you like this one as much as the last two ones. See you on the next video! 😀

P.S. I made a backup channel where you can find my old videos, just write to me there to let me know which ones you want me to reupload 😀

Music and Clips:
RTTE Season 1 Eps: 1-13
Teddybears – Cobrastyle
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Eliana Robinson says:

Love your work!

Ion Golban says:

What is the song called?

3113mac says:

The part with ruff & tuff at the end really is how my friends welcome new people to our group

theNightFuryfan95 says:

ROLF, I could seriously use some GOOD Dragon's HUMOR, ahehe! (Who doesn't, am I right?) I LOVE these too and you should definitely do more because you are VERY GOOD AT THEM! I mean you can tell just watching it with the text and clip out you put a lot of effort into making us laugh, haha! You know I never really noticed the audio being off in any one of them much, but I also wear headphones so that could be why. Great job bagio! One of my favorites has always been 0:170:20, LOL!! =D

Girl Metál in HTTYD says:

I can't stop laughting 😂😂😂

Miki thedragonfan says:

Nice one! Bagio :D

Pretty Snowflake (androgynouscheesecake) says:

This was the best thing ever haha

NightFuryLover31 says:

Just as funny as the first! I love it! And I'm happy you enjoy making these!

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