The world’s smallest cat – Big Cats: Preview – BBC One

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What's This?

Programme website: A rusty spotted cat, the world’s smallest cat, explores his forest home in Sri Lanka, but his natural curiosity is destined to get him into a spot of trouble.

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Michael Lee says:

So cute!!!!

georgekutty antony says:

So cruel, he's in a jungle!!….

Swift Song says:


Gardetrace says:

The cuteness levels are OVER 9000!
I want one!

Pumpkin0330 titi says:

Oh…please give us more

Pumpkin0330 titi says:

OMG HE'S SO FREAKING ADORABLE. Never seen a fully such a small big cat. WOW

rabit818 says:

These cats will be exported to your local pet shop lickity split.

Sagar Thorat says:

Imagine living with it in the jungle… It'll think how clumsy we are.. It'll get food for us.. and we'll be a pet to it..

handsoffmygun MF says:

I want a whole bunch of these cats.

Sierra S says:

I'll take 10

Ricardo Espino says:

Omg so cute

Leandro Murta says:

I need one 😍

Bertha Lovejoy says:

ill take 20 im screaming at how cute he is

monkey butt says:

I love that it’s so small, it needs to check the depth of a PUDDLE before it goes in or else it might drown. Oh the adorableness!!!!!!

GonnaBeSomebody says:

I want the footage of the kitten(s) of this 'kitten' omg 😱😍


Danny Fenty says:


Widdekuu91 says:

I think someone just accidently took a cat with them, in that kristen wiig movie, about shrinking people.

Dyllan Dufrē says:

Who would dislike this

Shane Thomson says:

Absolutely stunning hope people will leave them alone

zeaundra gayle says:


Dynamic Daisy says:

I never knew you could make cats that dramatic

SunSon29 says:

Onw simple question, where to buy?

Kmz Mass says:

I could feed that to my snake

VJ CatGirl says:

Why can’t all cats be this cute and small?!?!

natalie says:

omg i want one

Rishab Manral says:

Irony of the title.

rewer says:

I try hard not to pet the tiny cat in the screen … help me.



James Matthews says:

Learn something new everyday

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