Top 10 PETS You Won’t Believe EXIST! (Huge Dog, Big Cats, Cute Baby Monkey)

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What's This?

Top 10 PETS You Won’t Believe EXIST! (Huge Dog, Big Cats, Cute Monkey)
Top 5 Most AWKWARD Moments Caught On LIVE TV:
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10. The Only Man In The World Who Can Swim With A Polar Bear: Grizzly Man:
9. Florida Woman Keeps Bengal Tigers In Her Garden:
8. The Real Life Wolf Man:
7. Living With A Mountain Lion:
6. Pet Lion:
5. Meet ‘Hulk’: The Giant 175lb Family Pit Bull Dog:
4. baby monkey nala gets a bath:
3. Garfield Cat:
2. Grizzly Bear:
1. Six Tigers And Two Lions:

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The France Bros says:

the dolfin on the thumb nail

danny valencia says:

I have a dog

Xjmx Steel says:

U suck at cod

ItzzLuke says:

i have 3 cats named: dotje, snoetje , kitty (these are dutch names)

Sarah Grace says:

I have 3 dogs. One boxer named Henry. One mastiff named Nala. One mixed breed named Liberty

Huddy Gaming says:

A pit bull bit me in the face when I was 6

Huddy Gaming says:

My dad new a guy with a pet lion and I have a lizard

YoAlphaQUp says:

I have 5 dogs 6 cats and 4 kittens XD

Bulldog king says:

Does anyone else think the thumbnail looks like a gta mod?Or is it just me.

Commandix -RID says:

Some of these animals from the video I already knew became pets like monkeys,tigers,lions…


Looks like trendcrave is running out of ideas…. Not saying he had any in the first place…

Thomas Rich says:

I mean… I get along quite well with my football

cyril layman says:

Its not just how you raise pitbulls,Pitbulls have been bred to fight for almost 200 years & its in their blood lines now.There have been great Pitt owners who's dogs have gone on to do horrific damage to people & other pets.This is why police almost always use shepherds & never pittbulls,because they are not reliable.

Zen der says:

only if it was from days of age

Bob Parr says:

I don't believe you exist trend cave

Autistic Cheeto says:

For number 5 pit bulls are really misunderstood animals is does depend on how they're raised

Cassie Provoncha says:

probably the bear

Cassie Provoncha says:

yes I would I love animals

Lukeboy 888 says:

Who has noticed that most of the videos where on btv thing

cool kid7763 says:

The biggest cat I had was a bobcat

Kathleen Hund says:

3dogs but 2 passed and 2 cats but one ran away there ally and diablo

ReeseJohnsonVolgs says:

I have a dog name Oliver and I like him cuz he is really fat

Zistring says:

Hell yes, I would love to have almost any big cat (Black Panthers, Lions, and Cougars preferably

Caleb Bateman says:

today my golden retriever sat on my face while I was sleeping

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