Weirdest Things Cats Were Caught Doing 😹

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People Are Sharing Pics Of Their Cats Acting Weird

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Have you ever walked into a room, looked at your cat, and thought ‘this creature must be out of this world’? Yup, cats are major weirdos and their behavior is something the simple mind of a mortal human finds difficult to grasp.
Felines sleep in the most awkward positions one can imagine. They make the strangest facial expressions. Sometimes the kitties even decide to do things the way humans do, and that’s when things get even more funny and bizarre.
Bored Panda has made a compilation of cats acting weird.

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Scoop says:

Do you have a cat?🐈
Like 👍 the video if you enjoyed watching it 😁
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Kanic Adam says:

2:28 NANI!

Jαdε_MCPE17 XD ❨Lεαδεr Of Wαrrισr Cατs❩ says:

Do a face reveal.

The Cat XY says:

YAY YAY 199 comments yay I'm not late YYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAY

jazzy 2702 says:

sooo cute XD i think some cats are trying be humans ;3

Fuzzy Wuzzy says:

I showed this to my cat and he (Mr.Sassy) went to my room got my phone and tried to start texting my friend xD

Random Kitty Crafts says:

Who's watching this just to procrastinate?

monaca morgan says:

Miss my cat duke…used to perch on my shoulder all the time to sleeping on my shoulder

Annabelle Emery says:

My cat puts food in her mouth then drops it on the floor then eats

Amira Mohamed says:

This Was Hilarolious! I Subscribed!

Jasmine Hollingsworth says:

These cats probably used to be humans lol

N Moreno says:

Ay scoop do you have a cat or a dog

N Moreno says:

I dont have a cat but i have a dog tho

Maria Palominoz says:

hey scoop, can you like and reply to my comment? Ok so, 1question: Do you have an animal?

Maria Palominoz says:

I 💝 animals

Maria Palominoz says:

Fat Kitties are fun and fluffy

Mizzy says:

#1 was obviously giving its energy for Goku to charge the spirit bomb!

Mama Got pies says:

I like it. Even the one that was sitting like a human😎

Jen Hall says:

Twelve was creepy

Maria Palominoz says:


KikiGirlxox18 says:

This is so cute btwi love ur vids, scoop 💖

Eemeli Virkki says:

1:47 Cats = Slavs?

Dog Dog says:

#1 is so cute

Daniel Guzman says:

Scoop is your
next video a face reveal?

Catty Angels123 says:

I WANT to have a cat but my parents hate cats…

LolzGamer Mh says:

1st picture just like my car


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