What Happens When You Fall From A Height? – Dara Ó Briain’s Science Club – Brit Lab – BBC

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What's This?

Dara and Mark demonstrate how you cope with a fall and why it really does matter how big you are as to whether you survive or not. Please note that no animals were harmed during this programme – do not try this with any living animal.

Taken from Dara Ó Briain’s Science Club.

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5micky2 says:

In the same show screened in Saudi Arabia they said that the cockroaches were gay.

Robert Hardy says:

JBS Haldane discussed this so much better in one of his essays.

LeakyDiaper says:

I dont buy this because the rubber on the smaller one isn't stretched out and is thicker and has room to stretch and expand. The bigger ones rubber is stretched more and thinner reaching its threshold to stay together on impact. Skin on a bigger human or animal doesnt mean its thinner because it has been expanded.

Matthew Trevett says:

The second balloon was made of the same materials, but was stretched to a further extent, making it more vulnerable to breakage. The example is valid, but the execution is not.

Nicholas Heidl says:

The larger the volume the thinner the balloon material, thus more likely to split.

Wings On High says:

Dangit, where's the rest!?

Mauro Tamm says:

You get hurt. When your hurt level gets too high, rip.

Dan Hansen says:

Glaringly bad science.

Matt Roder says:

No wonder the world say we have bad teeth. Look at that crowd…

Andrew Murphy says:

I think everybody secretly wanted to see the cockroaches die.

Abdullah Hassan says:

when I saw the title and the picture I thought he was going to jump. 😂😂😂

Michael Griffiths says:

The BBC should drop the tv license rather than dropping balloons!

Javierm0n0 says:

cockroaches will rule us all one day T.T

robofish759 says:

and the hamsters fine sept its pelvis is smashed to shit

Joshua C says:

Hate how they cut off every video!!

Mate network for lads says:

Science governs nothing, please…

corryh28 says:

Unsubbed, tired of the videos cutting out

fez says:

The science behind this is simple.

Force = mass * acceleration(in this case, gravity)

The larger the mass of the object, the greater the force with which it hits the ground.

AustinU says:

Rip. Balloon dog~ 2016

Keagan Nelka Bangun says:

answer to this video :
you die

Yuriy Soltys says:

it's simple to understand – even if objects have the same velocity for small objects tissue has to battle smaller forces in order to keep object together. Like catching a ball – for hand to catch smaller ball is easier even if speed are the same. Inertia = speed + weight.

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