What Is This Giant Stone Pattern in the Ground?

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What's This?

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Nicknamed The Wheel of Giants, this gigantic stone pattern baffled archaeologists. There are conflicting theories as to what it was used for.

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Haas says:

obvious ufo spaceport, obvious.

MaximvsDread says:

It's a defensable grain store from about 10,000 years ago. Not hard to figure out peoploe. Unless you're looking for aliens' bigfoot or that watch you lost up that hookers backside.

A True Wisconsinite says:

I want to know where they got all of the stone.

kzu nizam says:

did thor coming to earth?

Green Polo says:

its some sort of giant stone pattern

Casper Boekel says:

Hahahahaha 850.000 subscribers and only 140 likes

N2a0t0a4 Love says:

I think he wants to say on the ground

STLWBK says:

Its the maze, the robot maze

DamnIN1row says:

its the basic foundation of a building fucking noobs

Freddy 1987 says:

Memorial for atlantis

AJ Help says:

It's a small village

soiledbyhate says:

Arnold's Maze

Naman Monga says:

Bro..i just wanted to know that what would happen if humans prepared a stopwatch that could stop time!!

Mustark Shahreya says:

white walkers

Glorywhole says:

Pagan Ceremonial structure that coincides with astronomical calendar.

Bryan Le says:

Attack on titan

abdul's mind says:

well their tha quantum tunnling effect from traveling threw time an space to tha almighty thor dimension

niket m29696 says:

new lanterns corpse?

Bilal Akbar says:

the maze

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