What’s Feeding Supermassive Black Holes?

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Colliding with and devouring other black holes is simply not enough to make black holes supermassive. There’s got to be other factors at play.

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LegendGaming__YT X says:

You know why it is called hotdog? Cuz scientist are bad at naming

Rashid Alkaabi says:

هل من عرب هنا ؟ 🌚

William DeRosa says:

I have long postulated that "hot dogs" (a newer name for such events) and related unexplained energies are the other side of black holes in other universes. What we are seeing on this end is the tail end of the black hole existing in a parallel universe. Connecting them together.

The Doge says:

Don't two block holes eat each other?

Αλέξανδρος Δήμου says:

I think it's superstars sucked into the supermassive.
Glaciers melting in the dead of night too.

Viktor says:

I think its Yasuo running down mid lane

coltin engle says:

Uh, matter? what a stupid fucking question

Taseen Khan says:

Well… Hot Dog!

Jessica Jung says:

Our universe will end once all the black holes merge into one single black hole. After that I think another big bang will happen. Just an endless cycle.

blubase06 says:


Will's Channel says:

hot dogs?

DejaVu Playz says:

Sooooo black holes play a giant game of agar.io ?

peruface says:


cam mackay says:

Lol, is this not a silly question? Doesn't EVERYTHING around a black hole, feed the black hole? I mean it "eats" all matter, most light, and even magnetic forces, doesn't it?

RosenBosen says:

I love this channel!

Nemesis Chan says:

What's Feeding Supermassive Black Holes? Supermassive McDonalds

jerry bushman says:

Thus is just stupid. All black holes, even smbh's get bigger by collecting matter. This is true for everything. The only way anything gets bigger is to take in more material. This is true for your waist line, a moon, a planet, a star (any star) and every single black hole down to a tiny asteroid or comet

The Trust says:

The No Man's Sky hype.

AK47 says:

NASAis feeding the dumb fucks who believe this bs..
NASA is full of shit from start to finish

Ovidu Acantinca says:

These guys seem so confident about what they are talking as if these theories are true. I tell you something you cannot be so confident about something that is millions of light years away.

Scott Budig says:

Happy new year Science Channel

Ryan Bourassa says:

Your mom.

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