Would You Help A Bee Survive After It Stung You? | Outrageous Acts of Science

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What's This?

This beekeeper stays calm when his bees sting him so they won’t lose their stingers and eventually die.
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BioCyberNaught says:

I'd slap the bee the instant I noticed it, and then use chemical weapons on its hive. So, fuck no I would not help it. Fuck that bee. Fuck its queen. Fuck its whole hive. Fuck its very species. Armageddon motherfucker! If even one of them sting me I'll take a godamn flamethrower to it's whole nest!

Loveit says:

I know we need the bees don't remind me, but once I got stung on the forehead. A few minutes later my head is a fucking balloon. I won't have time for it to save it self we'll both end up in the hospital.

Burt Sampson says:

TFW you've been cucked by bees.

Vrockafella says:

Thanks for the tip!

Scott Bulgrin says:

Most bee's only live for 30-40 days, then die of old age!🐝

nikki says:

so the bee movie was a lie

kirito Mason Jackson says:

its really. weird kinda

Jon Roberts says:


Trevor Senaha says:

I didn't fucking know that there was a bee rights activist and awareness group because you liberals care way too much about bees, (hypothetical) if President Trump (a president who does the best work for the American people) were to swat a bee because it stung him are you gonna fucking bug him about it? Whine about how bees are so important? No because it's be irrelevant. There's a large population of bees and they are doing just fine so how about all the liberal bee activists stop whining about people wanting to swat a bee because they stung the person.

Bendy and the Cringe Machine says:

If i try my best to stay still i could save it but i might have a fast reaction. As i do to pain.

Crash Twindicoot says:

The answer is nooooo

DanielG says:

i wouldn't but only because im allergic if i wasent i would if i could because bees are so imorpotent to the eco system

Evil Genius97 says:

That sounds like a challenge

Da1ienx says:

great theory, but someone who is allergic to bee's could die while waiting for them to twist out..

TYGR115 says:

I thought only the queen was a she…

Porfesser Genkie's Daniel,Reshad,&Mario says:

I would never do so

Lukson says:

bee wont stung you if you dont steal theyr honey or do something bad to him.

zummie67 says:

Nah. I'm not calm enough to let a bee wiggle around my arm for a couple of minutes after stinging me. The second I see it I'm going to automatically scream for my life and then proceed to slap it off my arm. I don't have anything against bees and I know that they have a really important role in keeping up the environment. But if I'm minding my own business and it suddenly comes after me, bye bye bee!

Katie Bright says:

Nope. I'd be busy swelling and trying not to die myself. I'm very allergic lol

GlassyBiscuit 4 Gaming says:

nah fuck that the fucking bitch stung me. I'll kill it before it leaves

The Trust says:

0:45 ugh… one of those special snowflakes. Please get a decent haircut, Skrillex was ok in 2012.

Rahul Kumar says:

I am gonna try this thing the next time a bee stings me.

jose rodriguez says:

I will kill that bitch πŸ‘πŸ

melvyn joseph says:

so glad that there's no laptop this time.

Marcos Stylianos Stephanou says:

this is wrong after a bee stings you, she must die. as the bee stings you, pathogens from our body can be transferred in the sting and then eventually in the honey

The SunChaser says:

So if you just let her get free, you won't get any venom?

Grimm_ Ace says:

Nah, I would just laugh at it and say nice try. Can't kill me that easily.

Xbermations says:

You guys realize that if you kill the bee, if the stinger stays in you and the bee dies, that it will hurt more? If the stinger gets ripped from the bee, then the venom sac continues to pump venom into your skin while the stinger stays affixed in it. It's harder to get it out at that point, as the stinger acts like a harpoon of sorts to human skin.
Bees also pollinate most of the world's plants…

Uncle Traveling Matt says:

Ill do my very best.

RagnaGamez says:

I don't swat the bee. I grab it, throw it on the ground, and step on it, ending the pain fast.

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