Wrongly Exiled – Yellowfang: Day 4 – Warrior Cats Speedpaint/Theory

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AJShadowolf Gaming says:

"Then she heard the bark of a fox. Then she heard the bark of a fox."

David Hampson says:

I agree with your theory(p.s keep up the great work)

Warriors Firepelt2002 says:

Has most if the comments became an RP know if so why?

The T.U.M girl rocks Anya says:

Wait if bright flower was her mother why would she attack yellowfang

Hamilton Cat says:

Potatopaw sighed, "Foxdung, I'm still in Lateclan."

Mangleplier 22 says:

She was an amazing med cat

Mangleplier 22 says:

Amazing poor yellowfang

Galaxy Wolf says:

Honestly if I were Yellowfang I would've left when cats started blaming me. It's ridiculous that they would blame her! I hope Brightflower eventually found out it wasn't her and apologised.

Squid Wolf says:

Yellowfang was there sister

Hawkscreech says:

OK… Sorry to point this out but–
The Erins messed up on this scene.
Brokenstar killed those kittens.

Macy Nance says:

Runningnose x Yellowfang

Jonathan Coleman says:

NOOOOOOOOOOO!Bad Brokenstar!You can't just banish your own mother!Not knowing she's your mother doesn't make it right!

SquirrelwingWarriorcats 23 says:

:( Darn it, Pinky! you missed fain mail Friday. I sent something to you!

Emily Barranco says:

I cried in this scene when I was reading Yellowfang's secret

Maricake 1674 says:

Quality 10/10 lol

TobyandMavisforever says:

Brokenstar killed the kits and Yellowfang first thought it was the fox she saw.

Addison Woods says:

It doesn’t make sense she’s a medicine cat

Addison Kluge says:

I missed it.. ;~;

LCPFunnyGirl ! says:

That’s what I believed in the kits’ deaths. I always believed that Brokenstar killed the kits and tried to use all he could to hide the evidence. It makes sense. Glad we have the same mindset in these cat books!

Lisa Johannes says:

Ok so if I’m correct, Brightflower is Yellowfangs mother? Plz reply if I’m right or wrong

LPSNewsFlash says:

Oh runningnose, what sense you have

Lisa Johannes says:

These are the best speed paints ever!!!!!!!!! You and Rachel work hard

Sophia Shipes says:

Awe poor poor yellowfabg!

BonnieLove2 Wolf says:

I thought they died by BrokenStar

ProToType6453 says:

wow! Yellowfang has…


Destynee McName says:

The kits remind me of Gray Wing And Turtle Tail, hmm

Emma M says:

Bee'kit jumped around in late'clan camp,"I'm boredddd" bee'kit yowled.She ran away from the camp running into a fox. (You may continue)

LPSMilkyway says:

also maybe brokenstar rolled in fox thung and killed the kittens then got it off in a stream nearby

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