Xenia Tchoumitcheva Leadership Speech University of St. Gallen

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What's This?

Xenia Tchoumitcheva gives a speech about leading women and social media influencers at the HSG Alumni Conference in September 2014

more on www.alumnikonferenz.ch

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ocelot salarian says:

She sure is very beautiful and clearly very intelligent and great speaker.
Her English is fantastic and 6 languages is amazing. But it’s a shame she
has to keep referring to herself as a “beautiful, sexy woman” all the time.
Yes, we know you are gorgeous Xenia, you don’t have to keep telling us – we
can see that! Maybe it’s not how she meant it to come across, but she
sounds a bit boastful about her lovely face and that just detracts from her
beauty. Would be nice if she was a bit more modest about her looks!

Hamza Bahich says:

No comment. The beauty and smartness and leadership I like this video,
you’re really an iron woman and strong despite of you’re looking youth
really big respect to you Xenia 

SA Ahmed says:

She has a good stage presence and is definitely beautiful, but I found the
speech drawn out and it didn’t have any significant tips on leadership or
social media.

Xenia Tchoumitcheva says:

my leadership speech finally.

Antonis Kaniklides Georgiou says:

Marry that girl. Marry her anyway. Marry that girl. Yeah, no matter what
you say. Marry that girl. And we’ll be a family! ;)

CHICoverdose says:

Xenia Tchoumitcheva Leadership Speech University of St. Gallen #xenia
#xeniatchoumitcheva #chicoverdose #leadership #bosslady 

kevin Awak says:

with a big public of CEOs, businessmen, journalists, professors and alumni
of HSG, that must been quite a nerve wracking speech! Congrats for the 6
languages and the style in the message delivery.

Shekhar Pathak says:

I’m absolutely mesmerized by the way you lead your life! The way you have
overcome all the skepticism to cement the foundation of your career is
absolutely off the hook… You’re certainly an inspiration for me.
Massively impressed by your speech. 

NCProductionChris says:

Half people in background, masturbate.

safaa benabid says:

Watched it! and shared it, you’re amazing, beautiful, elegante
entrepreneur in the world :* <3 

Kalief ilPrincipe says:

Most beautiful girl with brain ever . :)

Natalia Sokolovski says:

Xenia u are obv. beautiful and might be intelligent too but it sounds just
not right making your self compliments in a speech about leadership

Rebassed says:

Did she actually graduate or not?

Alex Groves says:

Would bang

Michael Yang says:

truly inspiring, not only beautiful but smart 🙂 you are my inspiration and
motivation for success 

pioneerrumi says:

I like your accent.

Inauspicious Narcoleptic (AKA MrCFCarePOO) says:

Sister doing it for herself! #GoXeniaGo! Nuts to the crass cocaine addled
misogynist City Trader London Capitalist arseholes #AllBankersAreWankers
#AllBossesAreTosses beauty has opinions too..what a woman!

Xez1919 says:

ähm :-)

Tania Tchumi says:

You are Gorgeous!!!

BAKER JR says:

you are beautiful,,, I LOVE BABY


God will protect you ,You will full-fill all of your dreams

Pablo Mettler says:

mar del plata

Rober RV says:

Bullish lady, congrats!

moussa hacini says:

wtf o.O !!

Ken Klocke says:

Insightful and delightful! ~KK

Pablo Mettler says:

st gallen mar del plata

Pablo Mettler says:


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