Zoe Sugg [ZOELLA] | humor video

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What's This?

[WATCH IT IN HD + headphones]
Program: Sony Vegas 12.0
Song: I won’t be putting the songs info
in the description or the comment section anymore
due to copyright issues so if you have any question,
send me a tweet or tumblr message :)

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DIYfordays says:

i would love it if you could make me one for my new youtube channel and then email it to me. reply so i can send you my email somewhere a bit more private xx ps i love your vids. your so talented x

tjasa kamen says:

I miss old zoë

The ESs says:

This editing is sooooooo good😍❤️✨👍🏻

Tammymae says:

"That tastes like my garden….I DONT EVEN HAVE A GARDEN" 😂😂😂😂

Isabel van Riet says:

i was laughing the hole time great job

Kaylee Grubbs says:

and it looked like she was going to kill Joe and Alfie in that yoga video with Caspar!

Kaylee Grubbs says:

loved this! amazing song to go with it too! love all my youtubers too much!

Ethxx Vlogs says:


Bryony Townend says:

All of your edits are AMAZING how do you do it. Never realised these moments are funny until you perfectly put them together. Xx

Faithy Loves says:

best video ever

Sofia Cardoso says:

This always makes me laugh

Ella The Llama says:

Could you PLEASE do a tutorial please! LOVE YOU! ❤️

Jasmine hemmings says:

This was so funny!! I absolutely love it

Carys Jennings says:

I love you vids so much what app do you use to edit😊

Karolina B says:

This is so good! <3

Halima Arshad says:

Can you do one of Joe sugg Zoe's brother

Faye Baker says:

1:421:48 creasinggg omggg

Faye Baker says:

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Your videos are amazing!!

Its Malwina ok (Malwina) says:

i love this video do more please

MissBratayleyTard105 says:

Amazing your editing is amazing you have got a amazing talent

Gemma Savage says:

Omg I have not been laughing thos much zoe you needvo more

Sue Gaming says:

A Rambler >
Zoe: I am a Ramler. :/
I love your videos xDD

Ninaleksandra says:

i laughed so much

Zalfie Sigh says:

could you tell me what you use to edit and what you use to download videos off of youtube?

Melissa Reed (Lissa) says:

chewing cum ahahaha

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